Getting Started With Dutch Ovens
Camping Cooking Equipment -- Dutch Ovens Your camping kitchen equipment cannot be complete without the 'ole standard of camping and cooking, the Dutch Oven. If you search the market for these, there are many options for an oven that is new, but I want to help you pick an oven that can work well for you and will also be something you leave to your children. There are ovens I have come across which are more than 100 years old, handed down from generation to generation. Make sure your oven is in good condition and you could do it too. Selecting an Oven So, what is a Dutch Oven? What is it? Dutch Oven máy rửa bát is a round pot used for cooking. The pot stores heat in to cook the food just like an oven. Generally, there are two kinds: one for kitchen and camp. Kitchen models are intended for cooking in the oven at home and cooking. The metal is a little thinner and on the lower part is flat. This version for camp is larger and has a thicker wall and has legs. These legs lift the oven off the ground , so you can place charcoal underneath it. With camp ovens, they are made from two metals, iron and iron. Aluminum is lighter in weight (7-10lb) and is easier to maintain because it isn't rusty. Aluminum ovens are great for canoeing or for other camping activities in which weight is a problem. However, they do not hold heat equally and may cause inconsistent cooking. Iron ovens are lighter (15-20lbs) and require seasoning to protect the iron from becoming rusty. Iron ovens are perfect for regular family camping because they retain heat very well and cook more evenly. I suggest using an iron oven for camping with the family because the majority of the cook books will assume a iron oven and the weight doesn't pose a problem for the drag and dropped camping. Once you have decided on the metal to get, you need to select an appropriate size. Ovens come in regular and deep heights. Standard-sized ovens warm up the middle of your food faster than deep ovens. Choose a standard size oven for fast cooking and an extra deep oven for slow cooking like browning rolls. When you first start I suggest getting the standard size, as that is what the recipe will require. The oven's diameters also vary. Large ovens equal more food. For the first time I suggest a 14 inch oven. Your oven should include other features typical for the camp Dutch Oven. First, the lid will have a lip that is raised to hold the coals on the top. This will allow you to heat food items from above. A loop handle for cooking in the primary pot and one small handle for your lid. Make sure you don't buy lids with handles for the 'frying pan. Seasoning The first step is to read the directions on the back of your Dutch Oven. Certain Dutch ovens are pre-seasoned and don't require you make it happen. If your new oven is similar to this, follow the directions included with it to prepare it for use. If you have to refresh your oven or re-season an old oven begin by washing the oven. The new oven will come with protective coating that will keep its Dutch Oven from rusting during transportation. Old ovens with rust spots are required to have the corrosion removed using steel wool. After that, wash them with hot and warm water and steel wool. Rinse well. Hand dry the oven after it is finished. Moisture is your oven's enemy. While you clean the oven, you should pre-heat your oven in the kitchen to 350 degrees. When it is clean, and the Dutch Oven is clean, place it in the oven in your kitchen for some time, ideal way to place it upside-down with the lid on a different shelf. This allows any water to drain from the oven. In the Dutch Oven until it is close to being too hot to touch to your hands. The warm-up process makes sure that all water has been removed from the Dutch Oven and opens the pores of the iron for your next action. With your hot Dutch Oven, apply a coat of oil. Use salt free oil like vegetable oil or olive oil. Infuse the entire oven with oil. After that, place it back in the oven at the kitchen the temperature for an hour. It is possible to leave your Dutch Oven upright, but leave the lid open to ensure air circulation can take place. Remove the Dutch Oven and allow it to cool slowly. Once it is only warm, put another coat on the Dutch Oven and put back in the kitchen stove again for one hour, at 350. Remove it and allow it to cool further and then add the 3rd coat of oil. There are two coats of oil in your bank and the final coat is put on while it is at room temperature. You're Dutch Oven is ready to use or store until the time of your campout. The surface of your oven is non-stick and as yo use this Dutch Oven, the surface will get better. You will not have to go through this long-lasting seasoning procedure again unless your Dutch Oven gets rust on it. Heating Dutch Oven cooking is made using coals. Therefore, the first step is to set up an area for setting the Dutch Oven. It is possible to use an open fire pit, however I would prefer a metal oil drip pan set on the ground. The nice metal ones are hard to find now however, you can check with your automobile parts shop. A majority of auto parts stores carry oil drip pans. However, they're made of plastic. However, I've also observed a metal catch pan that is extremely shallow, almost like a large cookie sheet. Pet cage trays or lids for garbage cans be a good alternative. It needs to be larger than the size of your Dutch Oven and have some space to store any extra coals. It is recommended to use a pan to protect the ground and help with clean-up. Make sure you leave No Trace! Set your pan in a suitable spot in a safe distance from traffic or the area where kids are playing and purchase an Charcoal Chimney. This is a tube of steel for beginning the charcoal and is the most efficient way to begin coals. Personally, I'm not a fan of the smell of quickly-lighting charcoal and I feel that the fuel smell gets into the food. Once the charcoal is ready put them in the pan, but on the side. Leave enough space for the Dutch oven. Here's an YouTube video on how to use the chimney.  

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