How To Build an Empire With Blogs
It's what I hear a lot of. How Do I Blog? When you're just beginning to think about making a blog, it's not easy to imagine it could become an Empire. We all have these desires of running an Empire blog, but there are so many hurdles to get through, around, and around. You would think there is no hope at the end of the tunnel. Dreams keep us alive and help us keep going and trying to achieve what we desire. A strong drive to be successful and a resentment of failure keeps us piercing forward to win a trophy. For more detail please visit:- The process of running a blog can be a satisfying experience especially if it's a blog that provides instruction. But before we can set out to go into teaching, we must find out how to build it , and which platform were going to be using. Let's take a look at some issues we must discuss in order to build our Empire blog. Domain registrationMost people would like to run a blog that uses a dot-com domain instead of its name, which is the provider i.e., WordPress, Blog, etc. This is the point where the domain registration process comes in at, simply register a domain for about $12 bucks a year and redirect (DNS) the domain's name to the hosting company you use. For those who aren't sure exactly what (DNS) is, Domain Name System is the way that the distributed naming system works for services and computers. It converts IP addresses into domain names. Website Hosting It is possible to run blogs using an entirely free service , and not have concerns about hosting your site. However, it's a sense of professionalism and trust in blogs that are hosted with their own domain name and running from an independently hosted servicer. I would suggest contacting the services of a web hosting provider for your website, one which is suitable for your blog's platform. If this isn't your forte you can find video tutorials which will guide you to follow the steps step-by-step. Free Platforms Like WordPress You're probably thinking: How do I blog? Well, there are a few free blogging platforms on the Internet like blogger Tumblr blog Jux, WordPress, Posterous Spaces and Weebly. Certain are superior to others and deciding which one to use is usually down to your own preference. But, I've tried several of them and would most definitely recommend WordPress due to its flexibility and flexibility. There are some websites which offer video tutorials which will teach you everything you have to learn about WordPress including setting up, themes, plug-ins, affiliate marketing, and more, so I'd not fret about knowing what to do with this. Use Headlines Effectively Imagine writing the most brilliant piece you've ever written in your entire life only to have absolutely no one ever read it. Most of us never really consider the title to be that important. We typically connect the title to something that has to do with the article and, in all likelihood, that's the preferred method. However, you need to create a compelling headline for your readers that they actually click on it to engage in the article. Before you write your headline, conduct your own keyword searches to determine the number of other websites are targeting these keywords. You could also try using a the phrase "How Do I Blog?" Make sure you look for less websites that are targeted by your keyword. If you've got around 900 million websites that are targeting a particular keyword or phrase, it's extremely hard if not impossible, being newly-initiated in blogging that you're going to rise in the rankings of every search engine. Have a Great Blog Design When you are first designing your site, try to create a visually appealing website as you want your visitors to not just read your content but indulge in the design of your site too. I've visited websites that look horrible and it's not time to switch to another site. The majority of websites that are unattractive in appearance only hold a person's interest for three seconds or so. That's not much time to read through the contents so you get the drift at this point don't you? Leverage Social Media Social media is a big deal these days, take a look at the little teens with their cellphones crossing the street , looking down and not looking up. Most of them are communicating or texting on Facebook or any other social network. If you begin targeting Facebook and other social networking media such as Pin, Tweeter, LinkedIn and many others. Be careful not to bombard them with all manners of marketing. Keep in mind that the majority of these people are your close family members, so they're will simply not pay attention to your post. An occasional post of interest will help them get moving along the way, and it will also inspire them to visit your website and start promoting it on their walls. Identify Your Niche Find out what interests you and what topics you'd love writing about. It's not much fun having to write about something that you don't like. If you pick a subject that you do not like it's unlikely that you'll write very much, and in fact, you're going to fizzle out within three months. A blog is basically a diary and needs continuous updates. For some of us, we were little kids and we had a little diary that every day we would write something in it. It's only that. Except for, you can choose to write things in it daily or each week but whatever schedule you decide to follow be sure that it's continuous. Keyword Research Once you've found your passion, it's time for you to begin doing some Keyword Research. There's absolutely no use in creating content without targeting keywords people aren't looking for. Use a search engine , such as Google and concentrate on a specific keyword. Google has a keyword tool that you can use to target specific terms or phrases. They will let you know what number of users are searching on these keywords. From there, you need to determine how many websites actually use those keywords. It's not very hard to do from this point all you have to do is put your keyword or phrase in quotation marks, and that will reveal how many websites have these phrases. Find keywords that average around 55,000 searches per month. This amounts to just over 1600 searches per day for the specific keyword. If you're able to get only 10% of traffic to your website, that's about 166 possible customers per day, that's a great beginning. Link Building No links, no visibility. It's great to write quality content and hope that everyone will just find it. But the truth is, you must have authority websites linking to your site in order for readers to be able to find you. The best way of doing this is to find yourself some reliable article directories. Then, start writing to establish yourself as an expert within your niche. You could also try other blog sites that allow hyperlinks and allow you to link back to your site or article. To locate high-ranking article websites just type in Google "high ranking article directories" and it should bring up a list of the top 50 directories for article. This will give you an excellent start point when you sort your list according to page rank to know which ones rank in the top position. Find a good starting point such as, let's say, five ranking. Anyone less than that you choose to avoid and visit any trusted website with at least a five-star rating or more. Blog Comment This may not be a big deal however blog comments can go quite a ways to link to your site. If you're affiliated with an established, high-ranking blog that permits you to enter your blog's signature as a linking back to your website, then you're in business. As you grow to be an authority on the blog, people will start to follow the links back to your website. In addition, search engines will also be following those links and you'll be able to rank higher in the search engines. Therefore, every opportunity you have attempt to increase the number of blog comments. List Building A Weber is the big honcho an email response services. I think they're priced approximately $19 per month, or something along those lines. An email list is vital to your blog. It's not much better to have an email listing of readers that are interested in exactly what you offer. Once you become an authority in your field and your customers are interested in what you have to say as well as the offers you make to them. Now, don't always put out something that cost you money. Instead, provide them with freebies as well. The problem is establishing an autoresponder with substance. Again, you can't just spew all out junk, you generally have to provide something valuable such as you can offer a free ebook or educational information that has to connect to your blog. Ping Pinging Servers are a great way to promote your blog. They build a lists of blogs with new content. Blog search engines can provide new results quickly, by polling only newly updated blogs. WordPress actually has the ping feature as a standard. But there's plenty additional options that you can upload to your WordPress blog and have it ping each time your blog is updated. Social Bookmark Links Social bookmarks are great services that offer bookmark sharing. It is as simple as saving the bookmark to share as a resource. There are some services which allow the treatment of bookmarks. This helps make the message known. AdSense and ClickBank Ads When you first begin your blog, it's generally not an excellent idea to slap tons of advertisements around. Most readers get sick and exhausted of the sound of ads eventually. You might want to look into Google AdSense as a way to get paid for allowing advertisements on your website when your traffic starts to grow up to around 5000 people per day. It is a feature you could incorporate into your existing articles. If you're just starting to write an article about something; for instance, electronics. You may want to pick an electronic that you like and provide a link to your affiliate links which goes to ClickBank so that the reader clicks the link to find out more and purchases a product you earn a commission. Learn About Marketing Anyone can set up an online blog, but all people know how to market it. This is the most important thing to do and, as is the truth, it is essential to know how to promote your blog. There are lots of things to be learned and a lot of phrases you hear on the Internet regarding SEO, keyword marketing, article marketing, lead generation , and much more. Each of these phrases is crucial to the success of your blog and you need to know something about them. It's true that a lot of them are quite overwhelming, but you must have a decent understanding about each. Particularly if you're planning to run the blog yourself. Fix Broken Pages Go through each and every one of your sites to check for broken links. Broken links could give a negative signal the search engines, and that can be devastating. How can you fix it? look at your web hosting report. These reports show pages people have visited, search engines that have used keywords in linked pages, as well as your error reporting, broken links. This could be a great place to start because sometimes you might miss out on links quite easily. If you discover you're missing a webpage or other thing that's not functioning correctly, you can add a refresh option for them to be sent to an appropriate root directory, or someplace in a different location that's not broken.

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