The Gospels Direct Our Focus Upon Jesus Christ, the Messiah
In our sweeping through the Bible it is time to get close to The Gospels. The task was to cover the entire Bible in ten weeks and I made it - not even close! This is part of that fascinating and fascinating series. The Gospel is the term used to describe "The Good News" ('Euangelion"Euangelion," is the source of the term evangelist or evangelical) The Gospel is the word that God offers us four different images from the lives of Jesus Christ, His Son Savior and Lord. For more detail please visit:- These four books center on Jesus - they focus our thoughts - our minds - our attention - upon Jesus Christ. This is a diary of Jesus' life and ministry and teaching and death and resurrection Jesus. We are told everything we need to know about Jesus - particularly of His birth and how it happened - how it was planned - how John the Baptist his cousin was brought to the world just six months before Jesus, to set the stage for His birth. There were TWO special babies born that day. We read from the very beginning of the role that angels played in the story of Zechariah - to Mary as well as Joseph as well as the shepherds - and we find out that the adversary who tried to destroy those who worshipped God in Egypt at the time that Moses was raised up tried to take down His life Jesus Christ and wipe Him out, even though He was young. Mary and Joseph had to bring Him into Egypt - for his safety and protection in addition to fulfilling the words of the prophets. Matthew 2, and Hosea 11. We have read about one incident in His early life when Jesus was 12 and taken to the Temple in Jerusalem It's incredible that His parents were not there! However, His Father was never lost. Him. Luke Chapter 3 - The Word of God came to John He John preaches and was baptized. Jesus traveled from Nazareth to be baptized by John - to fulfil all righteousness - and Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit by God and Father. He is then enticed. After receiving blessings, he is then tested, tested and to be tempted. The experience of the wilderness is nearly essential to the life of a man of God. JESUS is triumphant - overcomes and then returns to Nazareth And even while listening to the sermon in the synagogue, and making the most brief of remarks it appears that everything is different. Jesus Christ calls disciples. Now this is the same thing that God always did calling men Abraham and Moses - Joshua - Isaiah and Jeremiah and others. Jesus begins by asking Peter and Andrew and James along with John and Matthew and some others. There is nothing radically new in the method God uses. He uses men - people. God is incredibly attracted to people and sharing with others - in saving people from their sins. This is why Jesus was born! "You will be calling Him Jesus because He will save the people of sin." Jesus Christ began to preach and teach, and also treat the sick, also feeding the hungry - preparing his disciples for the future. They were together with Jesus for some three years - learning - watching, listening and asking questions, and receiving all they could from the moment of their life. They inquired about prayer - how to pray - how to teach us how to pray. Luke Chapter 11. had made prayers but when they were listening to Jesus praying they were struck by something different. There's a vast distinction between saying prayers and praying. Then came the day when Jesus demanded - Who do people think I am? God the Father had revealed to Peter as to Who Jesus truly was The Christ who was the Messiah. Luke 9 verse 19 and Matthew 16 verse 13 we receive a slightly more extensive version.) Back in Luke Chapter 9 we read of the advancing storm - the dark clouds of the fierce and violent resistance are on the horizon. Jesus is determined to go to Jerusalem and accomplish what God the Father sent Jesus to accomplish through faith in His Holy Spirit. Jesus is clear and concise about the costs associated with becoming a follower. There is more teaching and we have many stories and parables. Chapter 13 will teach us what to say in the current times of catastrophes. Verse 34 illustrates Jesus love for Jerusalem as well as for the rest of humanity. Chapters 19 and 18. - while on the way to Jerusalem - Bartimaeus receives his sight , and that swindler Zacchaeus is saved. There will never be another time that Jesus be in Jericho. We never know when it will be our final Sunday , or our last chance to ensure that we've sorted out with Almighty God and those close to us, the things and issues that require our attention. We are reading about Jesus final week filled with teaching - as the tensions increase. We then come to Jesus last day on earth - Passover Meal - prayer in the garden, the betrayal and arrest and trial of Jesus Christ with the beloved Peter refusing to believe in Him three times. The Cross The Cross a few details - however, nothing grisly. This was the last time Jesus Christ appeared before the people - and after that, it was limited to his followers. Then we move on to the Resurrection and His first meeting with the women , and with Peter and two others at the Emmaus Road - then with those who were gathered in the upper Room. For some 40 days Jesus meets with His Chosen Men offering them Bible studies - cooking them breakfast by the Lakeside - and finally blessing them. God will always want to bless His people. "O help me to strengthen myself while I stand strong on the rock, and solid in Thee, I'll extend an inviting hand to wrestlers with the troubled sea." "Loving generous and faithful God We thank You for the Gospels and we are thankful for every part of Scripture. We ask you to help us study and read Your Holy Word - feed us with Your Word as we set aside daily time to read an excerpt from the Bible. Build our faith so that we can be equipped to aid others who may be suffering in the world of sin In Jesus Name. Amen" Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy as well as a member of The Children's Panel in Scotland and has traveled extensively over these past years speaking, teaching and teaching across America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 trips to Israel organizing pilgrimages and tours as well as, more recently, Uganda and Kenya as a minister to Pastors and Leaders seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

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