Blogs and Your Business
There are more than 600 corporate bloggers working at Microsoft. They use blogging as one of their greatest marketing tools, and generate huge amounts of offline and online word of mouth communication. Microsoft is a serious company when it comes to blogging and their blogs are connected to their corporate website. They can help put a face persona to the corporate by bringing out the passion of individuals for the company. What they really are involved in is building relationships on behalf of Microsoft. A blogs or 'weblog' is an online journal that is organized and contains personal thoughts that is usually written for an individual. In the corporate world, this may be either as an official blog for the company or in an informal capacity. Business blogs usually incorporate news, issues or ideas, and also talk to customers, vendors and employees. The thing that makes blogs distinctive is the fact that they connect with other blogs and websites , and encourage comments, which makes them the perfect medium for continuous conversation. Blogs are affordable, simple to set up and to use, and require no technical knowledge, like HTML. The general term used for blogs is called the blogosphere. For more detail please visit>>> builders London The blogosphere continues to expand. Technorati the most popular search engine, is currently monitoring 19.6 million blogs. About 70,000 blogs are indexed every day. The total number of blogs will increase by 5 months every five months or more or less. Between 700,000 to 1.3 million blog posts made every day. The two search engines Google and Yahoo are introducing blogs as search engines. Yahoo is currently showing a preview version of the blog search results along with news results. News is swiftly spread across the blogosphere. When there was a catastrophe, such as Hurricane Katrina and the London terrorist attacks, blogs helped in getting news, images and opinion out at a astonishingly fast pace. They are often beaten by journalists to get the inside scoop on news stories or scandals. In reality, you can be certain that nowadays' journalists keep a close eye on blogs and make use of blogs as a source for reports. What does this growth in blogging mean for your business? It is a sign that you need to take a serious look at the possibility of incorporating a blog into your company. However , you should consider whether a blog would fit in with your business objectives. With the variety of strategies that blogs can be employed for you may want to evaluate the possibilities as to what benefits it can offer you and your business. Expand your Web Presence If you are an established online business you can add another vehicle to communicate your message and pass information on to your clients. Since blogs constantly update their information, they are frequently indexed by the search engines. It is another way to get your name and your product's name into the search engine space. You could also use your blog to target other keyword phrases. Interactions with Customers Your blog can be used to build stronger ties with your client base. It is a chance to share knowledge and information is among the primary reasons for how corporate blog sites have gained in popularity over the last few years. Businesses have realized that customers are using blogs to publish their opinions on products and services. This has led to consumers becoming involved in business issues such as product development. Branding Tool Make use of your blog to create a brand image to advertise your business. It's an effective method to make your message to the world. Your brand's image is a result of an exchange of ideas between you and your target audience. It's a relation. Brands are in the mind of the customer, therefore brands that aren't in touch with their customers are missing out on potential for innovation. Corporate Communications Your blog can be used to interact directly with media. There is a constant debate about whether blogs should replace the news release, which is the primary corporate communications vehicle. For me, as concerned, both accomplish the job well and each one has its own distinctive benefit. Business Marketing Blogs are being utilized in increasing numbers to promote business. It is now affecting increasing numbers of business sectors. The power of word-of-mouth advertising and independent testimonials are the two main benefits of running a marketing focused blog. This is an alternative to advertising. Blogs can also attract and create a steady stream of readers for your message and foster an atmosphere of trust. CEO Blogs A CEO blog can be a way to speak directly to customers and vendors. It can also be used to address issues related to industry. There are risks, of course. It is possible that something controversial said or done could be picked up and replicated in many locations. But some controversy is good since it stimulates people to be involved. A blog will require the participation of you. Be aware that maintaining and writing your blog takes time. It is essential to be passionate about writing and communicating to your visitors. A blog requires also the addition of personality.

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