Easy Food Tips For Your Eating Pleasure!
From part-time , full-time, to part-time RVing our dining experience in the kitchen has evolved as we've traveled. On a recent trip, we reviewed our eating habits from our home kitchen and then converted them to our RV kitchen, to allow us to have tasty meals in just a few minutes when we travel! While we do have a few meals out however, we eat most of our meals in the RV, which allows us to share the meal with each other and giving us an opportunity to play. The suggestions we offer our readers have been tested over the years and we hope you will enjoy them. On the days you travel, prepare for a quick and simple meal preparation: Tip 1 Easy Breakfast Plan Put dry cereal with serving portions in zip lock containers or plastic containers with lids that fit tightly for fast and simple access. make hot cereal the night before and place in serving containers for microwave heating. My newest accomplishment - making four recipes of homemade granola which is placed in quart-size zip lock containers and stacked in my refrigerator or in my pantry. Tips 2: easy lunch planning Save your favorite lunch meats and cheeses in manageable quantities (I make use of one-half-pound quantities and a small slice) so that Best watermelon juices for health they can be pulled out when needed. Take note that if the items are not in freezer - ready packaging, simply re-package them at home prior to placing them in your RV freezer. Take note of a test run through freezer packing prior to loading for your travel. Otherwise you might find that the half gallon of ice cream that should always fit like it does in my freezer, might not - and that is unacceptably! Tip 3: Simple dinner planning A crock pot works wonders - I just put an entire roast, some carrots, potatoes and more. in the crock pot early in the morning and dinner is ready by the time I arrive. I prepare pork tenderloins in my convection oven, in addition to beef dishes such as beef and chicken enchiladas, and other dishes that require no cooking. The majority of leftovers can be placed in zip containers that lock, frozen and labeled for use in the future. Tip 4: Simple Calorie Cutting I discovered a couple of years ago that one of the refrigerator slide-out bins is just large enough to fit one small lettuce crisper. I then put a head of lettuce in cleaned and pre-washed, or I put a whole salad together in the crisper to make a lunch or an evening meal. I also store frozen vegetables in plastic zip bags that are as flat as I can make them, into meal size portions for easy use. Refrigerators for RVs are generally small so thoughtful packing is essential. Tips 5: Simple Cooking Outside - Grilling is our favorite activity everything from meats to fruits to sweets. We've tried hibachis, Pyromids (outdoor cookers), electric grills, and our current favourite is the small propane grill can be connected to the gas system of the coach. Food is delicious and cleanup is quick and easy! TIP 6: Easy Food Plating Plastic or paper plates are the simplest. If dish washing is possible Melamine and pottery can be used. A napkin made of paper or cloth can brighten the setting and we use disposable utensils for camping in dry conditions. The possibilities are endless, the main thing to remember is to make the location appealing and fun. Tip7: Easy Food Organization - invest in a label maker. I've used labeling tools to label food items for many years. I always have one in my home office and since we're traveling for a short time within our motorhome, I've bought a smaller one for the coach. I label all products in the freezer with name and date and also for food storage items which are removed from their original wrappers. It is also important to look for expiration dates and if an item is coming up to the expiration date, then I put that information on the front of the box. We are continuing to explore the wonders of America, enjoying the freedom that RVing provides. We find that a little bit of planning for meals allows us to relax as well as play and enhance the freedom that RVing brings into the dining table.

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