How Do I BLOG?
What do I do to determine if I need a BLOG? What is a BLOG is it? I understand what a website does, however, what is a blog? A blog is a brand new version of an existing website. It can alter every day, and let visitors be involved with it. Let's revisit websites for a second. Website isa group of one webpage or more that has static content. It requires advanced expertise to construct and are complex to maintain and update. A majority of they will have the same content on every visit. People visit once to read contents, and then rarely return. Sites can be described as Stagnant Water BUT Blog = a modern web site. It has the ability to evolve each day with new content. Blogs are simple and easy to maintain. The blog usually has the header and the side bar that stay the same, while the main content changes in line with the latest updates. Articles that are written can be linked to the main idea. This increases people to your website. Visitors continue to visit to check out what's new. Blogs are like babbling brooks. Blogs are active and have a fast setup... Web sites are slow and static How do I know whether I'm in need of a blog? A blog can be used by anyone delivering a message. I know you are saying to yourself, I don't have a message I want to communicate. My answer to you is that yes you do even if you don't realize it yet but stick with me and I will guide you on how to gain from blogging. For more detail please visit>>>   Blogs can assist Churches and other non-profit organisations spread the word and blogs can assist people who sell items (make-up Jewelry, makeup real estate, make-up, sell on Etsy or eBay) Blogs can help companies who provide services (computer repair, hair stylists, or landscapers). Blogs have helped my nephew, Nick, become a better writer. I believe that a blog should be used by everyone. Blogs can be found in multiple places that help Google locate you more easily. A subset leads back to the main blog and tells Google you are important. The subsets strengthen the main page. To address some of the questions I've been asked and addressed about blogging keep reading. What can I do to ensure that a blog can benefit my church? A church could benefit from blogs like this... Instead of an online website (stagnant water) a church would post on a blog. They'd put their header at the top (telling the church they belong to and perhaps a contact number or other) The side might include sermon times etc., and the middle would contain fluid content. They would discuss what was mentioned in the last sermon, especially for those who could not be present. They could also discuss plans for the future on a different blog, and then connect to the master blog, thus enforcing and strengthening the blog's authority in the eyes of Google. Fundraisers could swiftly and easily be included and could be easily shared. It is likely that people will return to see what was new, and to feel a sense of belonging and to feel like a part of the church in general. Blogs get readers coming back. How do I determine if a blog will help me as an real Estate Expert? You sell real estate. In the past , you sent mailers to inform those in your neighborhood that you just sold a house where they reside and that you could list their house for sale too. These postcards in color that you mail out are expensive to print and post. In addition, you cannot guarantee that they are delivered to the person who is capable of accepting the offer. They may actually get delivered to a tenant or not show up at all. This is a chance to fail advertising. In the opposite direction, you could create a blog about you as a real estate agent in the city you reside. This narrows the searches down on Google in the event that someone is searching for a house to buy or sell. It is possible to search this "I need to sell my house in Loxahatchee Florida. There is a higher chance of being seen labeling yourself specifically. Each blog you create could link back to your primary blog about yourself. No matter which blog they read or publish it, they'll always have your contact details. As an example, you may write about the state of the housing market in Loxahatchee or you may write about homes you have for sale that are three bedrooms or 3,000 square feet. A different example would bea blog on open houses that you are organizing in the area. What about what about your business in the field of jewelry or makeup What can blogging help you? It's a matter of currently, you are able to connect with people you know and attempt to involve them in throwing a birthday party. They invite their friends and family to attend. Set up a time to meet these people, show them what you have to offer (your messaging) and hope to close an offer. This means bringing the products with you to talk about, discuss, and show. In return , you will give the hostess something: A gift voucher or credit that can be used towards the purchase of products. Consider the following... You created a blog. It helps you communicate with other people from your region and also across the globe. You can blog about any special events you're enjoying on different blogs that link to your main blog. You can show pictures or videos of the items and provide a description for each. Jewelry that you showcase on your blog may be attached to an online order form that allows people who aren't local to purchase. Anyone in the area may use a contact request form to organize your event, too. What is the best way to use a blog for family communications? Another category of people who would get benefit out of blogging is the family. I enjoy scrap-booking and I keep albums for my son and daughter as they develop. The only way to be seen is to have someone visit my house. My friends and family not local would have no way to know or understand what's happening in our home. A family-oriented blog would start with who's in the family, the ages of all members, as well as any other details needed to begin the family bond. The subset of blogs (blogs which link back to the main blog) might discuss the Thanksgiving plays at school as well as your Mother's Day tea party, kindergarten graduations, and any other event that you want to share with your family. Videos and photos are an ideal addition to written content.

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