So Easy An Old Person Could Do It
A blog post that serves as an example for the basketball coaching blog 1. Find blogs that are similar to yours. You can begin searching for blogs that are related to yours using search engines. Search using relevant keywords + "blog". Utilize the singular and plural version of the keywords for each search. For instance "basketball blog", "basketball blogs", "basketball coaching blogs", "NBA blogs", "sports coaching blogs", "high school basketball blog" for example. If you do these searches on multiple search engines (bing,google,, etc) you will come up with more options than if you were to only search on google. If you find related websites that are high-quality and reliable, it is recommended to mark them as bookmarks, place them in a spreadsheet, or even a spreadsheet. Keeping track of everything can reduce stress later. After locating and organizing your potential candidates you should subscribe to the blog or "follow" their blog. It is usually a matter of submitting your email address or website along with a few basic personal details. After signing up, you will be informed (by email) on any new posts, & of replies on any comments you make to your own comments posted to other people's blog. Visit:- *Note-It might be beneficial to create an email address dedicated entirely to reading blogs of others. This way you can separate the personal email you use from your blog related email. 2. Connect with related blogs you've come across A majority of blog owners publish updates anywhere from 1-10 X per week. With the sheer number of related blogs you've seen and the number of blogs you have visited, it could be a tad overwhelming amount of information to add comments to or to add to. Therefore, it is best to only participate in blog posts that you are extremely knowledgeable about or strongly believe in. You have to be saying something significant or informative to convince readers that you're an expert in your field. After a few posts frequent readers of associated blogs will be able to recognize your knowledge and will they will then visit your blog. This will result in more followers for you. You don't have to be in agreement with a blog post in order to feel strongly about it. If a post is composed well and you think it's informative it's not a bad suggestion to leave a comment explaining your reasons for liking or agreeing with the post , and then tell us what you enjoyed about it. This will result in happy blog owners, who could eventually ask for your help in writing an article for their blog as a guest blogger. It's a good idea to play around with the types of remarks you make. Certain comments can be debates in the event that you do not agree with some thing. It is possible to come in agreement with a post. There are those who may want to add something that was stated. It's essential to mix the subject so that you don't come across as negative or seem like a do-it-yourself type. It's important to inspire thought by sharing your thoughts. The goal of commenting at other sites is build backlinks back to your own blog and to establish credibility in your community. When commenting on others' blogs, you will usually find an area to put your site, which is hyperlinked to you through your name. It will look similar to this- Mauro Panaggio says: - The link should link to your blog ( 3. Comment on basketball related stories and news The web is filled with basketball news and articles. Start by searching for the various types of articles you'd like to add to. Make use of search terms such as "basketball articles", "basketball coaching articles", "basketball defense articles", "basketball offense articles", "free-throw articles", etc. Include any relevant keywords using the word "articles" or "article" at the end and you will be able to there are thousands of websites for commenting and adding a link back the blog. Find a way to be creative with your searches. The search can be as specific or broad as you'd like. Examples like "Orlando Magic articles" and "Orlando Magic strategy articles" are all likely to produce different results. You should concentrate on the top ranking articlesas they will be seen more often and lead to more people reading your comments. The only exceptions are with broad search terms like "basketball articles". In this instance, it's likely that those first 5-10 pages could be able to get enough visitors enough to justify the need for a comment. The third step is to stay up with current basketball news. These get the most traffic, however there are usually numerous comments. This makes it easier for your content to get missed and ignored. It is vital to keep an eye on the frequent commenters on these kinds of posts. They are usually leads to find new blogs and possible interaction/networking. When commenting on news articles, it is important to make your comments shorter and to the point. Remember to include your website's link. 4. Submitting blog posts to appropriate blog directories In order to ensure so that your blog is easily found, it can assist in submitting to several directories for blogs. This requires a variety of searches. Use keywords followed by the words "blog(s)" + the words "directory" or "directories" "Basketball blog directory", "Coaching bog directory", and "Sports blog directory" are all excellent places to start. They may not yield numerous results, but they are all relevant. After this, start searching for and submitting to the general directories of blogs. "blog directory", "blog directories", and "free blog directory" are the best searches to begin with. *Note do not spend too much time on this step . It is significantly less important than other steps, and can be completed after the others are already completed for the day. This can be a frustrating process and time consuming. 5. Find guest blogging opportunities There are many websites that are dedicated to bringing together bloggers and people looking for blog guest posts. Begin by conducting a search and go further as needed. "Basketball guest blogging" "Guest blogging opportunities" etc In most instances, you'll need to register as an account on these websites (its typically free). This is a great way to gain lots of attention for your blog as well as providing relevant backlinks. 6. Make your blog posts into articles Many blog posts that are informative can be "spun" into articles and uploaded to various article sites. If done properly, this could lead to increased exposure and useful backlinks. The most efficient article websites include: EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, GoArticles, and ArticleDashboard. Spinning your blogs into article is a skill. It's important to design articles that sound interesting (good title) and targets keywords with significant search engine density. 7. Writing effective blog posts While you need to provide plenty of basic and skill-related content for your blog, it is crucial to divide this into lighter blog posts. For instance, within one week you might write posts about "Motivating your team when they are losing", "5 coaches who should be fired" as well as "Why ____ could have helped the Magic beat the Jazz". Some articles should be strictly informative, some are just opinions, some made as commentaries on recent games or happenings, and some are a combination of all 3. It is essential to ensure that your blog posts are at a reasonable length, because attention spans are becoming shorter these days. Also be aware of others who might be commenting on your blog posts, and make certain to reply if you need to. A constructive exchange could lead to more word of mouth followers. Keep the mind of an observer when dealing with others' opinions. There are always idiots or jerks that don't know what they are talking about. Be sure to include any pertinent images, links or audio/video that may help your readers. This could be the difference between an excellent or bad post. Take note of the type of reader you are (or who you would like they to) and cater to them.  

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