Some Thoughts On Blogging
I'm the type that needs to have a reason behind doing something. Naturally, I think that everyone is like me and that's why I must tell you why you should care about my thoughts on blogging. I've been blogging for long enough, at least I am an "experienced blogger." It's been around eighteen months; not the length of some established bloggers , but definitely enough to gain a thorough grasp of what blogging is all about. I've spent the last 18 months, not in writing sloppy, insignificant scribblings and jottings just to fill out pages, but with intense concentration and thought-through posts. At times, I was struggling with my posts. My mistakes since the time I started blogging would fill a textbook and the experience itself is valuable, especially for others who do not want to make the mistakes I have made. I'm no more a "newbie." I've had this experience. Second, If you are a new blogger, or considering beginning your own blog, this article will provide you with a kind of real-world perspective on this very popular venue of individual expression. This will help you determine early what you'd like to do or even if you really want to become active in blogging. Visit:- Even experienced bloggers will appreciate having the opportunity to compare their experience with mine and use this as a gauge of the level of improvement they've done or what more they would like to accomplish. If I've got your attention we can have a pleasant conversation regarding the "blogging experience." I've never thought of myself as a "blogger." I had no intention to be involved in blogging. I believed that this was only for people with no social lives, or no outside interests as well as people with lots of time to spare and who may be socially marginalized, misanthropic, agoraphobic as well as lycanthropic (people who believe they are or could be werewolves). I wanted none of that. In fact, there may be bloggers who fit these categories however I'm certain that there are professionals, politicians, teachers people and neighbors who may easily fit into one of these categories, also. This doesn't mean that teaching the professions, politics, professions, or other fields populated by anti-social individuals aren't worthwhile. In this regard, I decided to give blogging a try. I was interested in Internet business and I liked writing, so blogging seemed like the perfect choice for me at the time I had available. I've since discovered that blogging is extremely popular and so fascinating because so many different kinds of people are currently blogging. Apart from the antisocial there are comfortable and social types and anyone can write successful blogs. It's a truly populist art form. This means you can find so many types of blogs and that the industry is a "content-rich" reservoir of creativity. There are some poor blogs, sure. There are also some extraordinarily superb blogs. There's a lot to be said for everything. Blogging is available to anyone to write and to enjoy. When I stop to consider the things that I've learned about blogging, I think first about the commitment made when becoming a blogger. The blogging process isn't the same as making a research paper for school, where you write one paper and end it. It's more than a journalist however, with deadlines you have set. If you start an online blog and people find it, you have an obligation to the public to continue managing your blog until you decide to shut it down and take it off the market. Of course , you don't have to run your blog but to the extent that you are able to manage it and pay proper attention to developing your blog, you will succeed in arts, sports or any activity requiring effort and skill. That's the second thing that I learned: The more effort that a blogger puts into, the more serious he or she is about creating interesting content and upgrading the blog with apps and widgets. To improve the features to make it easier for visitors, the better the blog is as demonstrated by positive comments and increasing traffic. Blogging is not particularly difficult however it will require the effort of a person; often, it is a huge task. It requires time as well As you gain experience, writing blog posts and managing the other chores of managing blogs (such responding to comments, deleting spam comments and even adding ads) becomes less complicated and less time-consuming. However some time must necessarily be spent doing these tasks. Another thing to remember is that blogging is a lot of fun. If you are a writer who enjoys thinking up new ideas and developing yourself to be more aware so that you can come up with new angles and unique ways of perceiving a subject, you will delight in blogging. You'll have fun. Do you know a particular persona that is best suited to blogging? I was reading comments on a blog a while ago, where a blogger stated that she thought that someone who is extroverts would be equipped to handle the demands of blogging because of the social aspect that is inherent in this Internet artwork. She believed that an extrovert "people- person" would be more responsive with readers than sociable kinds and be more comfortable in dealing with readers, the same way as the retail store owner would feel when dealing with customers at a physical store. I'm not in disagreement with this view, but it's not the only thing to consider. It is a public place and (hopefully) millions of readers will browse your blog. I think it will make your experience more enjoyable and more enjoyable if you enjoy people and enjoy interacting with them in the way that many influential bloggers connect with their users. The blogging process, however, is quite different from simply sending emails or socializing in a physical setting: it is virtual socializing which means that even though the people you interact with are real, you don't have the ability to see them. There is a vast difference in having 15,000 or 50,000 or 500,000 guests at the event at which you're performing on stage in order to greet, inform, entertain and answer questions . The same amount of people visiting your blog when you are able to be able to comfortably engage with the same audience even while sitting in your pajamas with a cup of tea or something else you're carrying around in your hand. A true extrovert could manage the first circumstance and love it without slipping into the mud of shame due to stage fright. An introvert or simply a shy person would shrink from this kind of social interaction and avoid it at all costs.

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