Make Your Day and Get Out of Your Way!
Sometimes, we need to take a step outside of our comfort area and attempt something completely different. However, fear of failure or being ridiculed and not being liked, or even considered a negative image, could stop us from taking a leap into the unknown , and prevent our progress to develop new abilities, skills and life experiences. This can cause us to turn down opportunities to check out new locations and activities and to take a chance or to speak at an event because of fear or worry over what might occur. We may second-guess ourselves, run a 'what if scenario. It is possible that we aren't sure what to say, or are afraid to look silly or embarrassed. However, others share the same fears and concerns and can motivate them to give it an attempt when they see another person taking a risk and not getting in their own way and not stress too much about the potential negative consequences. For more detail please visit:- People are generally happy and tolerant of those who make an effort. Therefore, why not make some positive steps , and stop hijacking yourself and let go of the desire to stay comfortable! Start with a small amount. As you progress, you will build up your confidence by doing each step one at an time. Instead of giving in to social anxiety and agreeing to eat at a trendyand smart restaurant, why not start enjoying coffees and lunches at more busy times? Choose positive ways to take things in your own way, create your day more enjoyable and get out of your way! Mix with many people and go out. If you've a meeting, interview or presentation, practice making some bullet points and practice before a mirror or with an audience of a smaller size and supportive. Focus on the areas you're unsure about. - Be consciousof the way you speak to yourself. It's easy to be our own worst critics by blaming our self in ways we'd not think of doing to other people. Instead, tell yourself that you're capable of doing it you want to, and that it's worthwhile, that people aren't as engaged or interested in the work you do as much as you are. All ways to get past the initial doubts and hesitation. - Address areas that feel neglected, that require some assistance. Use this opportunity as the incentive to improve your appearance, dress or update your image. benefit your conversational skills or improve your education. While it may take an effort, the benefits will be worth it. You'll feel happier and more involved in your everyday life. • Stay up-to-date with local news and popular television shows, so enabling you to make it easy to join conversations and get connected with others. Or ask people 'tame' questions about their holidays or what they do with their time; fairly safe approaches to starting conversations. - Ask asupportive friend, family member or coach to help you. They will cheer you on, often congratulating you or providing a boost to continue. Accept constructive criticism and suggestions and be open to receiving it. It is often surprising to see how different others perceive us from the perspective we have. Create a curious and interested attitude every day by trying new things and being challenging. This will encourage you to think outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Perhaps it's simply taking an entirely different route to work, cooking something you've never tried before to eat for dinner. There are many ways to increase your enjoyment, positive, and engaging. This way, you'll be able to enjoy wherever it will take you. Make the most of opportunities to accept "yes" to invitations to explore new opportunities and connections. Accepting things that may not initially appeal can lead to unexpected successes and new adventures. Sometimes, even when you feel overwhelmed or exhausted refusing to do something could be a positive thing. If we step out of our own way and are no longer thinking about how other people perceive us, or ways to keep them happy. We move beyond looking for the easy options in life , or justifications for reasons to avoid doing things. Being in the flow of things allows us to live in the present and feel excited about trying something new. When you are able to get out of your way you can make your day! Susan Leigh, Altrincham in Cheshire, South Manchester counsellor and hypnotherapist, offers assistance with relationships, stress management strategies, confidence, assertiveness, and writing. She offers workshops and support for corporations and individuals as well as couples.

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