When Marketing an eBook It’s Wise to Use the Introduction As a Selling Tool
It is often the case that eBook authors and marketers do not realize they need to remember that an Introduction of the eBook is usually available for reading by an online user who might be interested in buying the book. This is why it should be utilized to not just be as an "introduction" but also a advertising message to the purchaser. In the past, I've assisted numerous authors write their introductions, Forewords, Prefaces, as well as author's Bio pages. I've also assisted eBook authors revise their eBooks , and assisted them to create a winning title as well as a captivating table of content. It's important. For more detail please visit:- http://Thetechboy.com https://safeblastcrypto.com/ https://ideasandmind.com/ https://firstfinancial.is/ http://thehikerhub.com/ http://mysterioustrip.com https://sujanmagar.com/ Let's talk about how to create an introduction. In my case I'll use an eBook on dependency, addiction and abuse of substances. This is a great example for self-help or a non-fiction eBook. Check out the Introduction below and determine if you are in a position to understand the ways this page can help to sell more eBooks on the internet. --- --- ---- ---- --- --- Introduction In the past few years the United States has had a difficult time dealing with the crisis of opioids and fentanyl within the United States. As our past history shows, Americans have always struggled with addiction and dependence. We've dealt with opium cocaine, heroin and alcohol, marijuana cigarettes, alcohol, etc. The current situation caused by the 2020 Coronavirus shutdown is a surprise to dependency experts and addiction specialists. In fact, when individuals lose jobs or are stressed, their addiction levels rise. It's incredible how much time students spend at school learning different subjects, but addiction is a serious issue that is not given much attention unless someone is majoring in psychology, social services or pursuing an occupation in health care. When I began researching and on a couple of residential treatment centers I realized there was a lot more to learn about the subject. I discovered that a lot of what I believed I knew was not accurate and there was a lot more to the tale. I was thinking about my college and high school times and all the friends I made and the ways in which their lives went off the track because of addiction, substance abuse, and alcoholism. Some of them recovered from their bad decisions of drinking and partying on, however most did not. We've all known people like this, maybe we felt their suffering, but maybe not. Addiction is a serious issue and it's not as simple to stop as we think. The alcohol, drugs, and the chemicals we consume can alter the way our brains work, making quitting extremely difficult , and even damaging to our health. I wrote this ebook to help anyone who has an addiction issue or has an immediate family member or friend who is suffering from addiction. It's also a great introduction for those working in the healthcare business or considering working in the addiction treatment area. This book is a must-read for teachers, parents as well as employers and other who are worried about the growing problem of addiction. Addiction and dependency affects every person as well as every household in a different way, just as it impacts those we love and know or do business with or trust. It is important to know the signs and causes and what we can do to address it in order to help our family and friends. I would like to express my gratitude for buying this eBook. I thoroughly enjoyed the hundreds of hours of research and study I did on addiction and substance abuse to help us run the Online Think Tank. I was thinking that other people might be interested in this knowledge. So, I distilled the subject into bite-sized, well-researched, and footnoted articles. Then, I put the articles in an eBook format and added the eBook to my library of written works. If you're an individual who is always seeking to learn about new subjects, then I encourage you to browse through my other eBooks on various obscure subjects to feed your brain with relevant facts that will help you better comprehend the human experience with all its complexities. Thank you for your trust and confidence in buying this book.

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