Discover Vibrant Vietnam on an Educational Tour
A layered and complex country as the rest, Vietnam has plenty of distinctive features that students can enjoy during their educational tours including its stunning geographical landscape to its diverse history to its rich literary heritage and more and all in a distinct tradition that is new to a lot of students. Starting from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi and all the countryside and towns in between, there's plenty to entice and excite and inspire you. Read on to get an overview. War Remnants Museum History students who have spent time studying Vietnam will be aware about its period under French ruleand the subsequent war with the USA however, within the Western world, the history of this country is usually studied in the Western perspective. However, as an educational tour around Vietnam will demonstrate that this is only the top of the iceberg. The museums and monuments of the capital city of Vietnam provide a glimpse into different times and shed light on specific aspects of the past and are worth visiting. If you've studied in depth the Vietnam War, one museum that stands out is the War Remnants Museum, which allows visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the war and its impact through Vietnamese terms. It has displays of artifacts and details on the various aspects of the war, such as photos, military equipment, as well as information about the effects and use of napalm as well as Agent Orange - a sobering yet illuminating experience, as well as one of Ho Chi Minh's top tourist attractions. Visit:- Temple of Literature While it occurred before the birth of many tourists and were born, it is important to note that the Vietnam War is recent history that was preceding centuries of civilisation and transformation. To experience an era that was completely different Educational tour groups might be interested in visiting The Temple of Literature in Hanoi which is which is a Confucian temple built in 1070. It was also the home of the Imperial Academy - the first national university established in Vietnam. The close connection between scholarship and religion is a key characteristic of Confucianism and these concepts are explored in conjunction with the buildings as well as the gardens and courtyards that surround the temple. Halong Bay If you are who are planning a geography-based trip in Vietnam, Halong Bay is not to be left off the list of destinations. The name of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, literally, translates to "Descending Dragon Bay', a indication that it has captivated and amazed all who have been there since the beginning of time. The often-misted bay is filled with thousands of massive islands and rocks of various dimensions, that have created over the course of 500 million years, resulting in designs that cannot be seen elsewhere anywhere else in the world. A lot of the islands have a particular mythology attached to them, and a few of them have caves that display the remains of earlier civilisations as well as being abundant in rare and varied species of flora and fauna.  

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