Commercial Dog Food – Ten Realities You Must Know
Can you identify the ingredients that are in the food your dog eats every day? The dogs will eat whatever is they are offered. A lot of dogs suffer from preventable illnesses. Did you realize that 46% of dog owners will be diagnosed with cancer, 40% of dog will be overweight and a myriad of other ailments like allergies, ear infections, and skin issues can be avoided? It's going to shock and afflict your pet when you learn the shocking truth about certain commercial ingredients in dog food. It will be easier to alter your diet when you see the health advantages from feeding your pet a home-cooked diet. You can spare your pet from suffering by cutting down on the quantity of commercial dog food that you feed them. In the meantime slowly introduce fresh food and veggies to the diet of your dog. Here are some information regarding commercial dog food as well as the benefits of feeding your dog a healthy homemade diet. 1. Realities: Did you know that a lot of commercial dog food products are in fact"dog "junk food?" What exactly does the dog's "junk food" appear like? Could hamburgers, fried chicken, and french fries pose a risk for dogs? The nutritional requirements of a dog's genetic makeup is similar to those of humans. What happens to dogs when they are fed "junk food"? 2. The fact is that dogs can consume the same healthy food choices that humans consume. Whatever you may be hearing, dogs are able to take advantage of the same healthy and nutritious food choices that we do. There are some distinctions in the nutritional requirements of dogs and humans, therefore it is essential to be aware of these needs when you want your dog to be able to enjoy a balanced diet. 3. The truth: Dog food offered by a veterinarian might not be the best choice. Similar to our medical doctors vets, vets don't study anything about nutrition in school. Most of their knowledge is from representatives of the pet food industry, like staff veterinarians and sales representatives. (Do you believe that they could promote their own products? Also, they learn through seminars, studies, articles and various other methods. If your vet hasn't had the opportunity to try it or read on it, it's likely that they've a clue between good food or bad food. They could be working with outdated information or "old stories". Certain vets earn a profit selling specific kinds of dog food. This can lead them to be biased against other brands and different methods to feed dogs, such as homemade dog food. 4. Realities: Did you know that certain dog food products processed with chemicals could be harmful to your pet's health? Food companies that sell dog food are legally allowed to include "4D Meat", which is "Deadly Dying, Disabled, and disabled" from ranch or farm animals. They also include road kill (dead rats, possums, and other animals who were killed by vehicles or trucks, or by diseases) as well as animals and cats that were killed are taken by animal control personnel. The mill floor is covered in powdered dust (they refer to it as "grain") as well as the stuff they call"corn (usually ground leftover husks, which are contaminated by pesticides that are high in concentrations) is frequently added to the dog food companies rendering equipment. It's almost criminal what pet food manufacturers are adding to the dog food they sell, and then changing their names to "ByProducts". All of this is a an awful mixture of ingredients we can ever feed our pets. But, it's an act that many do without knowing. Remember: the less expensive the food is, the more harmful and harmful the nutritional content. If you feed your dog, ensure that you know what ingredients are included in your food! In my next article I'll cover every aspect of commercial dog food. The majority of commercial dog food available is created using inferior ingredients or low-quality byproducts. Ingredients used by the dog food producers can be very different. These articles will assist you in making informed choices regarding the best dog food options for your pet. In the next articles, I'll provide more details about the various quality dog food brands and the ingredients, and how to read the labels on the food for dogs. 5. Truth: It's not true to think that kibble is good for cleaning teeth of dogs. A study which suggested that kibble was superior to canned dog food to clean teeth was circulated some time ago. This must tell us that almost every dog suffering from dental problems older than three years consumes food that is kibble. It's easy to grasp the significance! 6. Realities: Did you know that "Complete and balanced" (a phrase used by dog food companies that sell commercially to promote their products) does not really mean "Optimum?" There are significant differences. Food that is able to meet the minimum requirements needed for healthy dogs' health could be described as "Complete and balanced". They aren't often tested for lead during testing for feeding. Other ingredients are only tested on a small number of dogs. They do not supply the right nutrients to support our pets' health. Although it's certainly better than not having enough nutrition, the highest amount of balanced diet for dogs must be sought-after. In a subsequent article, we'll provide more details about balanced nutrition. Sometimes, a glance at the label can determine if the food is made with high-quality ingredients. In other instances you may need more details about the ingredients to decide if the food is superior. Each manufacturer claims that they only use the finest ingredients. However, honesty isn't the only requirement of our Constitutional right to freedom of speech. Be sure to verify the ingredients in your dog's food each day! This will be discussed in greater detail later. 7. Realistically, dogs don't have the ability to consume the same food each day. Dogs require variety, just like humans do. Imagine eating chicken wings with only skin and bones, with no meat, and only ground corn husks for the entire day long. Certain dogs might be sensitive to new foods for a while. Dogs may experience stomach issues when they're eating too many different foods. But, it's due to the fact that they aren't getting enough nutrients. The digestive system of the dog can be restored when they have an appropriate diet. They can then consume as many meals in every meal like we can. Introduce new foods gradually so that your dog can adjust. 8. The truth is that dry dog food isn't any more nutritious than canned dog food. It is possible to keep your food fresh in the can by making it into a can. Think about the quantity of preservatives dry dog food requires to ensure its freshness after opening. Dry food is cooked first before being exposed to heat that could destroy the nutrients. They are more fresh and hold more nutrients, however they're not balanced. Fresh food is always the most nutritious regardless of whether it's cooked or fresh. The next step is food items that are dehydrated and frozen food items, which are readily available in the best pet stores. 9. Realities: Did you know that certain ingredients found in commercial dog food, along with the foods we eat every day, could cause toxic reactions or even death in dogs? Rawhide chews and cooked bones could cause serious internal issues which may require surgery. Allergies can result from foods made from wheat. Dogs shouldn't be fed raisins chocolate grapes, chocolate, Xylitol (the artificial sweetener) as well as other foods made of wheat. Learn more about the components used in commercial dog food and other items that could be harmful to dogs by visiting frequently. 10. Corn is a cause of death for dogs. Dry dog food is usually filled with this filler that is cheap. It's not the exact corn we consume It's the leftovers of corn which are fed to cattle. The corn meal dust that's accumulated from mills floor can be used to make the dog food. The presence of pesticides is not permitted in pet food if the corn is deemed unfit to be consumed by humans. Corn is very calorific and fats, which makes it extremely fatty. It's not surprising that the majority of dogs suffer from obesity and diabetes. You are now aware of some of the horrible facts about commercial dog food. You can boost the longevity and health of your pet by altering the food they eat. It's all it takes is a bit of knowledge and a desire for your pet to live an extended and joyful life. We'll do our best to give you the information, but you must be willing to seek it. Dogs rule! Anita Boyd, a caring "dogperson" who is passionate about the health of dogs and long-term health. She has had dogs all her life. Recently, she discovered that her dogs had been given toxic chemicals for a number of years. One of her dogs passed away due to severe bladder issues and the other passed away young of cancer. Her dog's last that died of stomach cancer, was her final. After spending a significant amount of time studying dog nutrition and discovering the horrifying facts regarding commercial dog food as well as its harmful impacts on dogs, she was compelled to reveal pet food companies' falsehoods. She has started an online blog and website to communicate the knowledge she's discovered and offer tips for feeding your pet. For more detail please visit:-

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