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The most effective way to earn money online is to create an online list. This is the most vital step to earn money over the long run. If you do not have an auto-reponder system, you must purchase one. Don't go cheap either since the entire operation of your company will depend on one item of technology. It is possible to build your list by a variety of methods. You can purchase leads from trusted list building firms and then integrate them to your autoresponder. The majority of good list building firms offer the option for you to email your autoresponder. This way, you don't need to input manually the lead's data. Another way to build your list is to use the number of people who visit your site. This method, which is possibly the most efficient one, requires you to have a website to create an opt-in list form. Of course, if your Affiliate program offers the option of managing your list, you can direct traffic to the affiliate's website however I wouldn't recommend this as you'll generally not be able send the entire list an email with exclusive discounts. In order to maximize your opt-in forms and to get the most sign-ups, it must include it in the text of your sales page. It should be strategically placed within the sales text when you have presented a problem. The subject line of your autoresponder's email sequence should be able to address your issue with solutions. In the following example, we'll suppose that I'm selling a hosting service and would like opt-in customers to my email course to help with back-end sales. Example: You could use the already-built websites or create your own. Many people believe that creating websites is difficult but I'll demonstrate how simple it actually is. Learn from my 10-day email course "Build a Website that is Easy" (sign up form here). The second method to earn money online is to bring visitors to your site. When I refer to"traffic", I don't refer to any traffic at all, I'm talking about targeted traffic. those who are driven and willing to buy and will earn you money. You can make use of tools and strategies like Google Adwords, bloging, article writing , and linking to bring specific traffic towards your site. Google AdWords is an tool that is provided by Google that lets you purchase a website to be displayed when specific keywords are searched by its search engine. The trick to using AdWords isn't to place a high bid on the most well-known phrases. What you should do is search for similar keywords that still relate to your site however are less often. They will cost less to advertise and let you distribute your funds across a variety of keywords, ensuring you get the best value for your money. You can use this handy little tool to find similar  For more detail please visit.... Blogs are another excellent method to bring specific traffic towards your site. To make the most of this strategy, your blog must be located on the same web page in the same manner as your sales pages that hyperlinks your affiliate programme. Once you've set it up, all you need to do is to fill your blog with high-quality information. I suggest writing your own content that specifically addresses your affiliate program or products. Once you've got some content you'll need to send the RSS feed to most blog search engines as you are able to. This will make your blog's content on the web for other webmasters to utilize as feeds for their websites. This win-win scenario will allow webmasters to create high-quality web content which improves the value of the website , while offering targeted visitors directly to your site. This is accomplished through the URL link that you added to your blog after the blog post was published. This means that your URL is part of a feed that appears on a multitude of websites. People don't just visit these links, but Google detects these links as pointing back to you. Google believes that you're popular . You receive a higher page ranking. Writing articles is basically similar to blogging, but the information contained included in the article has to be more informative and contain keywords that webmasters are searching for. Once you have completed your piece, you'll then upload (syndicate) your article on content sites , as instead of blogs search engines. Content sites are websites where webmasters look to find specific content for their users. If you're a skilled writer, you could eventually make your name and strike an agreement with a webmaster who will write exclusive content for his website. His visitors get exclusive content and you receive extremely motivated targeted visitors. Linking is possibly the most popular method to increase traffic and page rank. But, if you do it wrong, you may end up damaging the Google page rank, and in the end losing potential customers. You'll need to have your own site for this method as you'll require a "links" page that you can place the reciprocal link on. A lot of people send their URLs to link farms to try to fool Google to give them a higher page rank. This is not a good idea and in actual Google has been recognized as penalizing sites for engaging in such actions. The key to linking is to locate websites within your specific niche that have an Google page score of at least 4 and convincing the webmaster to feature your hyperlink on their site. You might believe that you are helping your competition, but you are. However, your competition is also helping you. It is better to forward leaving traffic to your partner instead of closing the browser, and keep in mind that it works in both directions. These strategies, when combined with a well-designed sales page that includes an opt-in list of email addresses can help your business reach new levels. It is possible to earn money using this method 100% guaranteed!

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