How to Wrap a Sofa-Bed for Moving and Storage With Moving Blankets
The wrapping of a sofa bed for moving using moving blankets takes some expertise and knowledge. Sofa beds, especially sofa beds are heavy and bulky furniture. If you don't have the experience of wrapping the sofa bed in moving blankets is best left to professionals to help you on your day of the move. However it is possible to use a Quilted Sofa Cover is able to be used to move couches, and later used again to cover a sofa to store it for a long time, protecting it from dust, dirt and pet claws, as well as fading due to sun exposure, etc. The typical sofa does not pose a major problem, as even though they're large, they're light, however the weight of a heavy sofa bed could make you uncomfortable on move day. Before you try moving your couch: Before wrapping a sofa bed ("hide-a-bed" sofa) to move, be sure the sofa will pass through the doors and is able to be safely moved out and then brought into your new residence. Make sure you remember whether the sofa bed was brought in as a single piece or if it was put together inside. Did you see any renovations done which could have narrowed the hallway? If you believe that the sofa won't pass through the LINENS & HUTCH door and you are not sure, contact the original retailer or the manufacturer of the sofa bed and ask whether they are able to take it apart and then put it back together in the new location. The cost of this service could be around $175.00 and is worth it. Be aware that the blanket wrap can increase by one or two inches to the size of your sofa , and this could make a huge difference. It is sometimes better to move the sofa as it is and wrap it up in the moving truck. The majority of skilled movers can get the sofa bed out of the way by turning it around its corners before transferring it through doors at the proper angle. However, that's not always the case , and pushing the sofa into a tight space is the recipe for damaging the sofa's movement, which could be caused to the sofa or to the doors and walls of your house. Make sure you wrap your sofa bed in wrapping How do you wrap the sofa in a way that is like professional movers do? First, inspect your sofa-bed. There are sofas that have solidly padded sections beneath the fabric, while in other it is stretched across an open frame. Note: If the sofa-bed with a hollow frame is improperly placed on its back with an unmoving dolly, the frame could break under pressure from the sofa. Additionally, if you place something heavy onto or against one of these hollow parts the fabric could deform indefinitely, which could damage the sofa. Remove the cushions from the sofa. It is important to make the couch as lightweight as you can particularly if you need to transport it up and down the steps. Put the cushions inside an old wardrobe box or tie them the cushions together using an elastic strap or rope that faces the other. To prevent wrinkles on the "Skirt" of a couch Lift the skirting up and put it on a rubber band and then gently against the fabric. (NOTE A very tightly bonded rubber bands or tape could leave an impression or a dent in naugahyde or the velvet finish.) Then, if it's an upholstered sofa, connect your bed's frame with the frame of the sofa. You can make use of any kind of moving strap, packing rope or tie using packing tape. Cover your sofa with blankets that move. It is now time to wrap. You need 4 moving blankets of standard size (72 x 80 inches) to completely cover a sofa. The sofa should be moved away from the wall so that you can move around it. Set the first blanket down to completely cover the front to the ground (allow enough space to cover the lower part of the sofa) and fold it across the back. The second blanket should protect the back. Be sure to leave enough blanket to cover the bottom of the sofa, and slightly overlap with that of the first blanket. Then, place the blankets on both sides and make sure it covers both the front and back corners and is large enough to fit underneath the bottom. The moving blankets will overlap the blankets on the front and back. By this time, your sofa should be fully covered with blankets. To fix the blankets on the sofa, you can make use of tape or rubber bands. Note: If you're wrapping the sofa in the moving truck, or it's possible to lay it out on the moving dolly, then rubber bands will suffice. However, if you plan to move the sofa bed through the doorway or take the couch down the stairs, you need to apply packing tape. The rubber bands don't provide enough hold, and blankets could slide off the sofa. The mover would not have a "grip" on the sofa to hold it. Secure moving blankets to the Sofa. Begin to tape the blankets onto the sofas at the center (vertical) approximately half the height of the sofa , and proceed to the seating space from side to side. Beginning just below the armrests, and then moving along the frame directly under seating from one end towards the opposite. Be sure to fold and fold the loose edges of the blanket tightly around the edges of the sofa and secure them with tape so that they are covered by the sofa's sides and corners correctly and don't hang out. This will keep all four blankets in place. Repeat the tape at least 4 to 5 times. This will give you a solid support to carry the sofa. Then, wrap the tape over the armrests to hold blankets on the sides. Then proceed to the back of the sofa. Once you've done this, you'll have your blankets secured all the way. Then, place the sofa on its side , and then wrap it across at least three sections: directly over the armrests, and then in the middle. For extremely long sofas, make two midsection bands that catch edge of side cushions. The excess of the blankets that move over the bottom. (There is no requirement to cover the entire bottom, unless you wish to, however it is crucial to protect the corners.) Take the legs off, if they are removable. If the legs are not removable Wrap and tape the moving blanket over the legs of the sofa bed. Turn the sofa over and do similar for the opposite side. Your sofa bed is now wrapped and ready for use. How do you cover the sofa bed with the sofa cover. If wrapping your sofa bed in moving blankets seems like a lot of work , consider a sofa cover that is quilted. The covers for quilted sofas are made from the same high-quality quilted material for moving blankets and come with three tie-ups at the bottom. The entire process is easy: cover the couch with a couch cover, place it on its side, or place it on the back, and tie the tie ups. Tips: 1. If you have an upholstered sofa with a light color Place a plastic sofa cover before wrapping it with blankets that move. 2. To make tie from packing tape, roll as the tape as you can by stretching your arms. Fold the into a sticky surface. Press the tape until it adheres to itself then you can secure your bed frame to secure it. 3. If you own leather furniture, use cardboard corners to shield the corners and edges of your sofa. 4. Do not place sofa on blankets. Instead, place blankets that move on the sofa! You may have heard of a suggestion to place blankets on the floor first , and then place the sofa on top of the blanket and wrap it. This method is inefficient, labor demanding and time-consuming. (Time can be money particularly when you employ moving companies. In this instance, what works for a mover may not always good to you). This technique requires more flooring space to place down blankets and sofas, all the while still in its own space. You will need a second person to place the sofa on the blanket, and also to hold the falling edges of the blanket in place when you attempt to apply tape. Last but not least , the sofa mattress legs (if left unattended) can cause holes in the blanket and cause it to fall apart when the sofa is moved by the truck moving it.

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