Top 10 Ways to Make Money Blogging Countdown
A few years ago I embarked on an adventure. A desire to earn money blogging and make millions of dollars every monthly; enough to quit my job and enjoy the life of my dreams. Unfortunately, this was not the case after my debut blog entry. C'mon man! What? There was no rush to my blog immediately after the first blog post. They didn't come to donate money to me following my 9th, 10th 11th, etc. to ... What is the deal? Did I get my hopes too high? You bet I did. No one is going to be the next Tymothy Sykes as well as Cute Girls Hairstyles guru overnight. This profession is relatively new in the age of the Internet (and Yes, I'm not going to give Al Gore props on his claimed invention). There are a lot of people who have jumped on the so called bandwagon. According to which is a blog on technology with more than 111 million bloggers online at the end of 2011 (Old data, no doubt however, I don't wish to take my time creating this post to do more research, so I will keep the old data). This is where I am trying to make a point. I'm not going to think about the number of bloggers out in 2013. You get it - too many to keep track of. But, there are a lot of bloggers who are earning a decent living online. So , what can bloggers do to make money? It's pretty easy. In fact, they're so easy it's easy to tell yourself "Darn-it, self, why didn't I think of that?" For more detail please visit:- nadstawki paletowe Bay Area Wedding Venues Cloud KMU It's true that we all do this when an invention is put on the market which we first thought of years ago, or one that seems so simple that we could have thought of it, like an invention like the Tricycle Lawnmower (that would be the most wonderful gift ever). But I digress, I better get back to my list of the Top 10 Ways to Earn Money From Blogging before my mind-numbing intro puts you to sleep. 10 Ways to Make Money Blogging Countdown Here we are... The Number 10 Way to Make Money Blogging- Dress Like Your Favorite Superhero and Act Like a Moron in Front of the Camera There are a lot of imaginative people on the web who are dressed as their favorite super hero and then shredding any self-dignity they act to be ridiculous in front of the camera. The Pros:
  • Certain of them have over one million views on YouTube, enough said.
The Cons:
  • If you're not comfortable running through your house in your pajamas and acting like an overgrown ADHD child who had 100 Pixie Stix's to eat for lunch, then don't make use of this technique.
  • It's not a secret that I think that some the videos on YouTube are funny. They're also likely to earn an excellent passive income every month via YouTube. It's not my style. If you're a fan take it as you will.
The Number 9 Method to Make Profits from Your Blog - Place Ads on your Blog with Google AdSense Google AdSense is a program in which you can place ads on your blog through Google. The site is paid for when users are able to click on ads on your site. The Pros:
  • You make a tiny amount of money.
The Cons:
  • You earn a bit of money.
  • Google AdSense is a nice option to earn pocket change However, you can't earn a full-time revenue out of AdSense If this is the only source of income for your website.
  • Furthermore, AdSense ads on your website will take the customers you worked so hard to get and sends them to an alternative seller.
The Number 8 Practice to Make Money Blogging - Become an Associate of Amazon and Sell Their Products The program works in the same way as AdSense, only you're selling products on Amazon. I make use of this program to promote my books as well as other products that I think would be useful for my readers. But again, there are some pitfalls with just using the Amazon Associates Program. The Pros:
  • Create an own Amazon Store on your website and offer every one of Amazon's products.
  • You get paid monthly.
The Cons:
  • You earn only commissions of 4% on your purchase price.
  • Therefore, you'll need to offer an unprecedented quantity of Amazon products from your site.
  • In addition, visitors, again, are redirected to your site.
  • Isn't the purpose of having blogs to maintain your viewers there?
The Number 7 Strategy to Make Money Blogging - Sell Your Own Ad Space One innovative way to earn money blogging is selling your own advertising space on your website. I've seen this done in a number of blogs, and with great success. Be aware that the ad space you offer must be connected to the specific niche your blog falls into. I wouldn't recommend selling advertising space to a candle collector blogger when your blog is focused on new and upcoming technology. The Pros:
  • Ad space that you sell on your blog can generate an income that is monthly.
  • It is also possible to increase your search engine rankings by stipulating that the bloggers who purchase ad space on your blog must link to your site in some way.
The Cons:
  • If you're a new blogger, I wouldn't recommend that you sell ads. If you're getting only 50-500 visits each day, bloggers will not be enticed to buy space from you due to the fact that you're not bringing enough traffic to your website. I suggest that you start considering to sell advertising space on your blog as soon as it's averaging around 1000 daily visitors. This way, potential customers will be enticed to purchase from you as the profit from their investment is worth the risk.
The Number 6 Way to Make Money Blogging - Write Reviews for Money This is a pretty straight and simple method to earn money blogging. It's also a great method of producing content that is essential for any blogger... Content. Content. Content. It is necessary to conduct some research to find companies that will pay you to write reviews, like PayPerPost and ReviewMe. The Pros:
  • As I said before, reviewing products is an excellent method to generate ideas for content for your blog. .
  • People, faced with purchasing decisions, are using the internet to read reviews of the items they're looking to buy.
  • Some companies even pay you the price of an honest review of their product.
The Cons:
  • Some of the companies that pay bloggers to write reviews require strict standards. You'll need to conduct your homework to determine which ones are the most suitable for your needs and your skills.
  • In addition, they don't charge a lot for each post. I have seen, however, some that will offer up to $200 for each post however they limit the number of posts you are able to write each month.
The Number 5 Strategy to Make Money Blogging - Ask for Donations Now, I don't personally solicit donation on any of my blog, but I have seen it on others. I've seen donations buttons on personal blogs, where the blogger isn't trying sell their visitors products. This is perfectly suitable for these kinds of blogs. But, in my opinion it is not a good idea to sell products through your blog and are still asking for donations you seem a bit shrewd. Moreover, this tells your visitors that no one is purchasing from you due to the fact that you're soliciting money. The Pros:
  • Free Money. This is all I can think of.
The Cons:
  • A small percentage of people give to blogs unless there's some reason to do so. If, for instance, your blog's goal is to help in the search for a cure to child's cancer, then - absolutely put buttons for donations to your website. If that doesn't fall into your blog's niche you shouldn't be doing it.
The Number 4 Method to Make Money Blogging - Sell Other Peoples' Products as an Affiliate I have already mentioned one method of becoming an affiliate in number 8. To earn money by through affiliate marketing, you basically join to sell other company's products in exchange for a commission. In fact, most major retailers offer affiliate programs to help them sell their products. The Pros:
  • There is no need to design your own products, which makes it easier to save time.
  • You can make a steady income every month.
The Cons:
  • To earn money through blogging simply as an affiliate, you'll need to sell a lot of items to earn the amount of cash you desire. For instance you only make 4% from Amazon.
  • I have also seen other companies on the web however, which offer up to 25%, and even up to 75% commissions. There is only one business that I know of on the internet which offers 100 percent commissions on sales of their products.
The number 3 strategy to Make Money Blogging - Offer a Membership to Your Website for a monthly fee for exclusive content Many bloggers are now offering memberships for exclusive blog posts in order to earn money blogging. These memberships can range from a low monthly fee up to a substantial one-time fee. For instance, ESPN offers a monthly access charge to premium content for ESPN Insider. The Pros:
  • You can charge as much as you want for access to your own exclusive content, but make sure it is reasonable.
  • It can also bring in a nice monthly income on your blog.
The Cons:
  • To be able to provide membership to your website you must write or create material that is different from the free content that you have posted on the blog.
  • The premium content should also provide some sort of value that your visitor cannot find elsewhere and for no cost. Also, I would suggest that you only offer memberships for exclusive content when you're receiving an average of 1,000 visitors each day.
The Number 2 Method to Make Money Blogging - Create and Sell Your Own Products Now, I would normally put this way to make money from blogging as the number one because it's the best way to earn money from your blog. In addition, your own product are also a source of credibility in your niche and makes you appear to be an expert. The Pros:
  • Your visitors see you as an expert in your niche.
  • Lets you be as creative as possible with the products you wish to sell.
  • You decide the price of your goods.
The Cons:
  • Making your own products requires a tremendous amount of time which should be used to build a following on your website.
  • Cost and overhead, for mailing items.
The Number 1 Way to Earn Money Through Blogging Find a business that will Give You the Resell Rights for all of their products at 100% Commissions. While the above 9 ways to earn money blogging are all effective in their own ways but the best way I've seen to earn money blogging on the web is to find a well-established company that has already designed the products and gives you the resell rights at 100% commissions. This may appear too good to be accurate. There is one company out there that practices this. The Pros:
  • Everything
The Cons:
  • Doing nothing will earn you $0
All in all I think that all of them are great ways to earn money blogging. In fact, you can employ every single one of them to generate multiple streams of income. It is important to be persistent, diligent and be innovative. It will take a lot of blog posts in order to drive readers to your site and build a following of loyal readers. This won't happen with just 10 posts, so keep at it and good luck to you. Until Next Time - Keep Blogging and Making Money, Shaun Messick A company that sells their products to resell for 100% commissions could sound too appealing to be true. However, there's a company offering this. They have seen a huge increase in sales since their launch 2011 and have paid more than $40,000,000 in commissions affiliates.

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