Help in These Difficult Times
Everyone is facing challenging situations because of this Covid virus. Loved ones lost to loneliness and isolation fears and anxiety felt my so many. In addition, the anxieties of the front-line workers carers, nurses and everyone else risking their lives in the interest of others. The fear of losing jobs and business closings could cause stress for families coping with financial hardship, and the uncertainty of the coming months. The government has made certain provision in their financial arrangements, however it will not be sufficient to help all workers. The broken relationships spurred on by high stress levels or financial worries, the possibility of businesses collapsing, or the loss of the breadwinner by death, as besides targeting those who are elderly or the Black as well as Asian communities, men appear much more at risk than women. The marriage guidance counselors have been inundated with calls from children and also the help-line. The level of violence in homes has escalated beyond comprehension. Visit:- How can society be helped to heal itself? Many people are depressed, suicidal, frightened not knowing what to do. The fear is amplified by the fact that there is no guarantee that there will not be further spikes of the terrifying virus. Certain countries have eradicated the virus and it is now back. In the midst of all this despair, further Black men from America have been murdered by police. This injustice has sparked a reaction in people all over the world which has led to massive protests in major towns in many countries, prompting people to break restrictions on lockdowns and social separation. What effect will this have on the spread of the virus it could take about a week or so before we get an answer? We have to be strong and endure the social isolation and shielding for some time and then find peace in nature during our daily walks. I am blessed that I have a garden and don't have to live in an apartment in a high-rise with a lot of children. What can I do to assist myself during these challenging circumstances? I came across an online program that comes from WHO AM I, it breaks down the steps to making yourself more resilient and joyful over 10 weeks. It has helped me understand the bigger picture, and to awake and be reminded of my identity. What attracted me were the glowing testimonials that I read on the website I was amazed to see a lot of the issues I was feeling was mentioned in them that I decided to try it. I'm about halfway through and feel so much better. I'm not an affiliate for this program , but maybe it's something that could assist you. If you are feeling lost, stuck, depressed or stressed? There is a solution... The best way to combat depression and suffering is education, not drugs. Learning to observe your thoughts and feelings is essential to live a more confident and happy life. Charlie Greig is the Teacher at WHO AM I. Her classes promote wellness for the body, mind and soul. Why not take an interest.

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