What Digital Has Taken Away From Us
E-mail instead of a letter or blog instead of diaries: what do digital media does affects our memory. Experts have been investigating how people remember their experiences and the absence of personality in modern media. George Orwell once wrote: "An autobiography is only to be trusted when it uncovers something disgraceful. Any person who gives an accurate account of his life is probably lying, since every life seen through the eyes of an outsider is simply one of many defeats." Some people don't see life in the way Orwell does but his perspective makes people think about the way we think about our own autobiographical memories. This is how we adjust our memories to the demands in our current times. Psychology refers to this process as 'Retrospective Bias'. He who looks back, recalling the details of his youth, career and family life, as well as his relationships, and love life, is prone to fake success occasions. Adversities, failures, and ruptures are then seen as a link to the success, whereas they are difficult to see. This is due to the fact that your personal development is dependent on the choices you make to make your history stronger, even though it's not making obvious sense in the moment. Life experiences and the large amount of research on memory indicate that autobiographical recollections continually attempt to replace or forget about those negative events and feelings we've experienced and which Orwell describes as a string of defeats. This is why personal stories are usually viewed as positive and are often interpreted as "before, everything was better". Visit:- https://festivaltv.dk/ Many people do not remember the good things that happened in the past and some dwell on the negative aspects. The good news is that most people can remember the past in a positive way. The use of letters and journals was used, in the past, as the way to communicate with loved ones. With them, we were able to recall the smell, the calligraphy as well as the date, and the favorite paper of the person who wrote. Diaries and letters reveal a lot more about the individual. Today, in this age of technology one can find a digital copy of diaries is a blog , and the letters an e-mail. There is a fact that communication is quicker and more convenient than before, but the memory left is an electronic version of Times New Roman, printed on new paper, which can be ordered online. According to the experts: the change is more dramatic for people who suffer the loss of loved ones and those notes, letters and diaries are no more. This is one step further when we realize that PCs often fail, and the data that they hold cannot be retrieved or when we delete a picture that we did not plan to delete. People might be right when they call the digital age the ultimate revolution, because it has completely forgotten the importance of personal touch in communications. Resort Creative Solutions helps hotels resorts, tourism destinations, and developers revamp under-performing marketing programs to improve sales performance. We create brands; we make relationships; and emotionally connect them in fun interactivity, enjoyable and entertaining ways. It's a simple process that is profitable and easy to profit from.

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