Jade Food Products: A Taste of Home Sweets Home
Sweet Dream Begins "I both gave birth to my second child Alvin and the candy-making business was established has been in operation for 27 years. "Successfully caring for the two of the Patigayon youngsters and running her own home-based business was an "sweet pleasure" for an entrepreneur awardee Mrs. Fe I. Patigayon of Jade Food Products of Brgy. Sumilihon, Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte, Caraga Region, Philippines. "Manang Fe" Patigayon (as she is fondly called) manager and mother of five children; Joselito, 29; Alvin, 27; Julie Ann, 19; Joe Fe, 17 and Jade, 10 years old humbly shared how the "binangkal creating" profession in Manila in the early 80's led to her multi-million-dollar confectionery manufacturing today. It's been two decades of experience that brought pleasure not only to her but the youngsters who adore the sweets from Jade Food Products. 'Binangkal' Maker "Linya na nako ang pagluto ug sweets, binkga, bud-bod ug uban pa. Ako'y nakasunod sa iyang skill" (It has been our family's' passion to cook rice cakes and delicacies. It was the one who followed the footsteps of my mom who was very skilled in cooking local delicacies). Manang Fe, in her early 50s , recalled how she became involved in the "sweets" industry. "Binangkal" manufacturer (local muffin-like delicacy coated with sesame seeds which is a delicacy that is popular in the Visayas and Mindanao regions) is a must in Manila. Visit:- https://entrepreneurialmag.com/ Nagsugod ko ug helper sa pagluto, peddling ug mag 'back ride" pa sa motor sa akong amo niadto. Nainteresado ko nga nindot man diay na negosyo" (I was a "binangkal' (a dip-fried round bread coated in sesame seeds) creator in Manila. I began as a helper and peddled the bread back and forth on a motorbike along with my employer daily. Later, I became interested in the business and believed that the business was profitable). Love Is Sweeter After Fe's first year as a 'binangkal' maker along with a delivery assist, Fe moved home to the province where she met Joe Patigayon, a candy factory worker in Talamban, Cebu City. After a string of sweet relationship that eventually ended in marriage, the couple settled to move to Brgy. Tagabaca, Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte in the Northern Mindanao, where their five children were born. Since Brgy. Tagabaca was more dependent on agriculture, Manang Fe ventured into farming to meet the family's needs. However, when the demands for food started to increase and her ambition to be an entrepreneur was growing and she also contemplated creating sweets and delicacies as an alternative source of income to supplement the family's income. Thousand Peso Capital "Kami lang duha sa husband ko sa pagsugod sa negosyo. 11,000 pesos lang amo puhunan niadtong in 1982 pa'y buwan anak na si Alvin" (My husband and I started with just 1,000 pesos capital in 1982, when Alvin was my infant son. Alvin was just a month old). The place was Langihan (Salvador Calo's Market), Butuan City where she started selling her products at wholesale rates to different retailers. After years of supplying and trading in Langihan and with a sizable amount of "sukis" (valued customers) Jade Food Products became a brand name within the markets of the area. As the business was growing, Manang Fe decided to freely hand over her "langihan "sukis" in exchange for one of her valued clients who eventually became the distributor of Jade Food Products herself. When asked why she needed to turn over her valued customers to entrepreneurs of other kinds She smiled and added, "Gipabor nako sa iya Ka'y naluoyman ko. Hinuon na-a pa man ko'y nabilin. Ang resulta, nahimo nu-on nako sila nga mga distributors." (I offered my cherished customer the possibility of having the distributership company. In exchange, it offered me even more distributors). Meager Capital "Pangitaan nako ug paagi nga makaya ra nila (customers) ug palit ako baligya. Pang-masa ug tag piso-piso ra." The source is the "piso-piso" (a amount of peso worth) in Jade Food Products, Manang Fe was in a position to send her children to school until her oldest son Joselito was able to graduate from college. He has now joined the company as the assistant General Manger and is in charge of the operations. Joselito is not only in charge of the business's operations, but is also in charge of the motor pool and the equipment maintenance for their vehicles used to deliver their services. Jade Foods "presyong masa" (mass-based cost) truly paved the method to help the family's needs for education and help to the Patigayon kids. Truly, Manang Fe not only raised an enterprise from home, but the business produced the fruits of successful children, too. Maternal-Approach Business Model "Gibalayan gyud"Nako ..." (I offered the housing they needed) (as Manang Fe was refers to the loyal employee she had). "Makatabang ko, mabuhi ko, mabuhi pud sila" (I can help, I live and they'll live as well). Dili nako gustong sulohon ang tanan" (I don't want to take all the things) she answered humbly. Mother of three, Manang Fe can't help from thinking about how she can take care of her employees, particularly those who have worked together for a long time and helped her walked the way to becoming a successful business. With a handful number of full-time and part-time workers (re-packers), Manang Fe is not just paying their salaries but also provided other benefits that are not wage-based, like giving them free accommodation and lodging assistance as incentives. In addition certain workers who are the regular employees were provided housing aid, and they have to pay the cost on a "data-data" (installment base). Just like a mother cares for her children, Manang Fe takes care of her valuable employees. The motherhood-style management style she adopted led to the loyalty of her employees and later improved their lives. Love Your Neighbor In line with the wording of the Bible states, "Love you neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:32), Manang Fe exemplified the life of a compassionate, generous and kind neighbor providing them with free transportation services at times when they needed assistance, particularly during emergencies. Presently Manang Fe has expanded her enterprise beyond agriculture, and is now manufacturing and managing the public service jeepney. Whenever there is an emergency need for transportation help, Manang Fe is always ready to lend a hand assistance to her neighbors during times of need at no cost. "Nabuhi mi ani (home-based business) ug nakatabang pud ni ug dako sa uban labi sa mga nanay nako nga silingan". (We were a part of a home-based business and it made a huge difference to us, and those around us). As of now, Manang Fe is not just providing community service for her neighbors, by providing free rides , she also gives them opportunities for income, especially for the motherless mothers. Jade Food Products employees comprise the wage-earning employees as well as "pakyaw" (piece-rate) employees.

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