What is the New American Reality?
Reality TV shows show people devouring mealy bugs and worms to win a competition cartoon video game characters using guns and swords to kill one another lonely people making virtual friendships on the Internet and politicians proclaiming their versions of truth is this all just new realities that the American public has come to accept as reality in the present? What is the reality of who? Are we talking about the real-life experiences of the producers of reality shows and script writers of video games, the creators of Internet social networking websites or the talk points of politicians hoping to win elections, going off course? Perhaps it's all these that are merged into what is presented as truth to readers and viewers in these different types of contemporary communications. Modern-day forms of communication such as radio, TV magazines, newspapers, blogs, and video games serve as agents that afford us the possibility of processing information and comprehend what's being conveyed to us as we would like, coloring supposed facts in the way we wish, making decisions according to what our mind's eye is telling us and allow politicians to convince us that the truth that they hold is self evident. Deciding what is real and what constitutes a public relations effort devoted to fostering ones policy or idea isn't an easy job. The truth is it has been extremely difficult to discern what is real. There have been methods available to alter the truth, alter our perceptions and confuse our ability to think.  Modern communications are only serving to increase the capacity to alter the facts and speed up the delivery to the public at large. Although the methods might have changed however the capabilities to alter, distort and shape the view of reality we believe to be the truth remain the same. It makes it difficult to comprehend what reality really is in America. Visit:- https://newamericantruth.com/ Americans today face the risk of being misinformed or just plain lied to that they were exposed to more than two hundred years ago. Since the inception of our country, people were told lies that were presented as factsand aren't able to stand the years. The main difference is that modern methods of communication have made it faster and easier to disseminate inaccurate information and have also given the means to expose falsifications of facts on an almost instantaneous basis. The bloggers on the Internet will detect any misrepresentation of the facts immediately after they are shown, and provide an explanation based upon what they believe to be true and their own interpretation of reality. News programs on cable TV are expected to interact to inform the American people which view of reality is correct on a daily basis. Newspapers are likely to endorse a certain political party based on whether they hold the republican or democratic views. Newspapers will employ their political orientation to promote their particular point of view. In video games, players will compete each other over whose version of death and destruction is the best way to complete the virtual annihilation of an imagined adversary. Scientists will share what they believe is reality based on what they consider to be the physical laws of the universe based on formulas, which themselves depend on the theories of rather than facts. Religious leaders will inform us the reality based on their view of what the Bible declares. However, we cannot accept as gospel that one of their various opinions is truly the one that we can accept as true. What's a common citizen to do? What are you able to believe? Which of the realities one is offered every day is the truth? The real question is: is anyone actually looking for the truth anymore Do we need to know and experience what soothes us and makes us feel relaxed, and assures us that we're doing the right thing. It's not a secret that the current American reality is what you want to make it. There is a possibility that we're expanding democracy by invading Iraq as well as Afghanistan. It could also be the reason for the divorce process rather than remaining true to the vows of marriage even when times get rough due to the common excuse of incompatibility. It can be an individual who is convinced that their path toward God is the right one. It could be the belief that equality in society is a kind of liberalism or the entire concept is a myth. It could be the capacity to confuse desire and desire with genuine need. It could be any and all of these and much more. The current reality for Americans today is what is your perception of information presented to you. It is whatever you want to believe. The reality of Americans today is that as we build and refine our ability to separate the things we consider as fact from fiction, as we refine our ability to reason in a rational way, we'll get the chance to become more united as a single nation as well as more committed to figuring for the truth which will enable us to build the new reality that would be in our shared interest. We can build the kind of belief system which will give us the ability to endure and thrive as a unitary people with different interpretations of reality and a common concept of what we want our future to look like. We have the chance to transform the current American reality into a power for good. The current American reality is the call to action for a better future for ourselves, our children, and everyone else in the world. It is a manifestation of our desire for peace. We may reach the new reality via different routes and reaching different conclusions about the facts as they are depicted to us, but we all have a common purpose of coming to conclusions that are most beneficial for everyone. We may differ in our understanding of the realities and what the latest American reality is however, we are able to be united in the determination to see our American dream come true. That's what the next American reality must be about, making dreams something that can help all of us achieve our ambitions in life. It's about changing the attitudes that have hindered us from realizing our dreams creating bonds that keep us safe from the dangers of terrorism, as well as sharing the same values that were instilled into us by the Creator. Perhaps the most important part of the new American reality has been created in our minds by natural disasters as well as acts of terrorism, which have struck our country. We can't alter this aspect of the reality that we know to be true however, we can discover ways to better deal our challenges in the future. If the new American reality is to be one of immense promise should it be at our fingertips and reachable, we need to locate it in our hearts to accept the reality that cannot be changed, and then change what hinders us from becoming truly great as a nation. We need to be able to be convinced that what we stand for as a nation is genuine and has merit.

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