New England Patriots – Breaking More Records in 2009
New England Patriots, originally named the Boston Patriots, have made an excellent reputation over the decades. They started their journey as a struggling AFL team, but swiftly changed their fortunes following the NFL / AFL merger. Through the time they have won numerous championships. Patriots have been winners of a number of Super Bowl and Division Championships. They are among the best AFC Eastern Division teams, football fans and fans alike, are hoping to watch the Patriots take on this title next year. The New England Patriots were the eighth team ever admitted to the AFL and have been playing football since 1959. Between Billy Sullivan, owner of the brand-new AFL team as well as a local artist, they came up with the teams name, colorsand logo, and began playing football from here. The Patriots first made their debut on the field of football in 1959, and did not get to an event that was a championship until 1963. Visit:- It was a difficult decade, as they didn't have a field that they could call home. There was one thing that was certain during this time and that was the home games would be in any of the four stadiums: Fenway Park, Alumni Stadium, Nickerson Field, or even Harvard Stadium - whatever was available. In the beginning of the 70s, following the NFL / AFL merger, the team became an NFL franchise. The team relocated to an Boston suburb called Foxborough. The move introduced a new name to the team , it was the New England Patriots. Between the name change, and the transition to the NFL The Patriots started playing football. In the following decade, there was nothing but championship and playoff games, and an appearance in the Super Bowl appearance in 1985. The Patriots have finally given fans something to be proud of and, from that point on, tickets became scarce. In the past over the years, the Patriots have taken home several championships, including Super Bowl wins in XXXVI 3XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. There is only one other team that has won 3 Super Bowl Championships within a five-year period, and there are only seven other teams who have ever been able to win twice in Super Bowl games in a row. These records, alone, make it almost impossible to secure tickets to see the Patriots play. The team with Bill Belichick - coach - and Tom Brady - quarterback - has brought numerous victories and records to the Patriots. The longest winning streak ever, in the history of the NFL was achieved by the Patriots in the seasons of 2006 and 2008 21,-game win streak. This record was broken by another record set by the Patriots and a they won 18 games during the 2003-2004 seasons. As opposed to their initial years in the past, the Patriots now have a field that they call home, one known to football fans as the Gillette Stadium. The Patriots, after many adjustments and challenges, have made themselves into one of the most successful AFC Eastern Division teams ever and also one of the best NFL team in league. Like many teams, they won't end here; they will continue to fight for the next. Tickets, for the '09 season are going to be gone like hotcakes; season tickets are no longer found. There's no doubt this is going to be another fantastic year for the New England Patriots and, maybe, another championship year! There are a few tickets left, and these are not events that any fan of football would want to miss.

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