Social Media Tips
Spam has become an increasingly significant problem with search engines, ezine article websites and the majority of all social networks. How do you prevent becoming an unintentional spammer? The first step is participating and be a part of the organizations you register with. Be polite and use one rule of thumb "If you do like people who are doing this to you, then they're not going to like your doing it to them." This article is written because of a foolish mistake I made last week. I am still new to the entire online affiliate and MLM marketing game , and like many I wanted to get the word out as soon as possible which is why I signed up to Twitter(c), Facebook(c), MySpace(c) and a handful of blogs. In the beginning, I posted casual ads, using banner advertisements and text links, but after a short time I went crazy and started posting ads everywhere I could, and made the armature mistake of hooking up with my Twitter(c) account with Facebook(c). I received a text message from a former friend who simply said: Hello Dave I believe that you've been compromised because you have a lot of spam popping up on your account. It was a shock to me; all of my advertising with Twitter was going out to my entire circle of relatives and friends. It was like red ink on the face, needless to say, I quickly found the settings for changing the permissions, and then turned off Twitter(c) updates to Facebook(c). Please for more detail>>>> Getting your message in the hands of potential customers is extremely important but taking your time to get your message in front of the right target audience is crucial. Learn from my mistakes and refrain from spamming. Use your social network as a platform for social networking. Find business contacts and friends and inform them on what you have accomplished within your field as you go along. What I am referring to is telling them about the latest piece you've been working writing that was recently published in the media. Let them know when you've got a press release. Be friendly and let them know that you just offered you a huge discount at the local store and invite them to take advantage of the savings. Be a friend and a business associate; NOT a sales person. Twitter(c) can be a totally different beast when it comes to advertising is concerned. They seem to love and prosper from it. If an individual with 76,000 users on Twitter(c) they have a greater chance to make an income from the posting of ads every 30 seconds or as a result of the posts being constantly streaming and do not slow down. When you finish reading the first post, there are another 20 posts waiting to be take a look at. My account is used for everything from letting everyone know that I've got a brand new ezine available to "hey just went to the store." Next , I'd like to talk about MySpace(c). I'm not familiar with this platform yet as it seems to be for youngsters mostly. When I started to research it I started finding more and more businesses and affiliate network organizations posting blogs and sharing information in addition to advertising their ideas and methods. I love the video component of this site as you can embed your own video advertisement onto your page. I'm planning on creating an account on MySpace exclusively for my company and also for others like me to share information and ideas amongst themselves. In contrast to a forum, you can make an mp3 and then play a conference call to your contacts or upload the video of an event you attended to let everyone know what you've been doing. In conclusion it is my humble opinion that if a site is categorized as a social site , and the only thing you signed up for was to promote your business you should consider rethinking your plan. Facebook(c), MySpace(c) and the other sites out there are meant to keep close with your friends, not for advertising to attract other users. While you may do it but please use it with respect and elegance. Spamming is the most effective method on how not to use Social Media Sites.

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