Grand Theft Auto V
Well, it's happened. Finally, we get Grand Theft Auto after almost an entire year of on and off. There's plenty to make a mistake with a game this large, however Rockstar has somehow managed to develop a game that's nearly perfect. However, there are some little problems in the overall game that makes it extremely close to being among the top video games ever. To call Grand Theft Auto V an extremely challenging game is underselling it. This is the very first video game that actually is a living alive world. It also incorporates the mechanics that make games like Call of Duty and even The Sims work well. Grand Theft Auto V is an homage to it's the Rome of video games; it melts down the best aspects of different games and packs them into a bow-tied delicate gameplay package. One of the big characteristics of Grand Theft Auto V is the innovative concept of playing three main characters. This caused some confusion as players were concerned that the writing might not be as precise or that the game wouldn't work well together. Fortunately, the issue is gta 5 download apk well taken care of and the way that you switch between characters is both ingenuous both in terms of gameplay. With the three main characters from Grand Theft Auto V It's a diverse experiences. Franklin is the youngest that is focused on his driving skills and Michael is a bit like an old mobster that has a new life as a father. There's Trevor. Trevor is basically an explosive time bomb that's leash is completely gone and almost blends into Grand Theft Auto V as well. Imagine him as the Joker who has a drinking issue, only even more murderous. The storyline was extremely exciting and at times quite possibly one of the best missions I've ever played in any game before. To not spoil anything the game, but you'll fly helicopters, taking bulldozers away and even flying through windows. These days, with games only lasting between 8 and 10 hours, it was great to play the game that was marathon in its length. There were plenty of tasks that a character could participate within, in addition to the story- and, naturally this game will keep you busy. According to me, there are four main characters; the fourth is Los Santos, the city that is where everything takes place. Los Santos is based on Los Angeles and tries to duplicate the most insane aspects of that area. There are beaches to play around on, military bases to infiltrate luxury mansions that you can invade and even animals to shoot. The greatest thing about this world is that it'll continue to grow without you. For instance, I witnessed an extremely fast chase. at some point, the suspect came to a stop and got out of his car . Then there was a huge shootout between him and the police. It's just plain entertaining. With a game that big it's hard to imagine them being focused on graphics, isn't it? Rockstar is pushing the old PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 to their limits. While playing, glide over the ocean and marvel at how stunning it is and the way the waves flow. There aren't all rainbows, though- the graphics do have a cost. There were a few instances that the framerate would go down quite significantly, especially when you're located in a frequented area stuffed with NPC characters. The worst was the time you were driving in the middle of Michael's expensive neighborhood. With all the activities to take part in and experiences it's almost as if the game will never end. Even after completing the game and completing all of the major side quests, I'm busy with other tasks. For instance, I'm trying to manage a restaurant with Michael and also playing stock market along with my characters. It's more enjoyable than jumping off of your burning airplane and opening up your parachute to enjoy the view. In fact, you can modify your weapons and vehicles. It seems the best is still yet to come with Grand Theft Auto V. This October Rockstar is launching the online component of the game, dubbed (of of course) Grand Theft Auto Online. The game will almost entirely be its own experience. And the game is quite ambitious. If they can pull off all of the things they claim are possible, we won't ever get off our televisions. Grand Theft Auto V is the game to get; it's an incredible value for what you're paying for. It's hard to justify spending $60 on other games after this game. The game could even be transferred across to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and we're hoping that Rockstar will be able to move your saved data across to the new consoles. Even with its flaws such as framerate drops and occasionally the character switching not living up to its capabilities, GTA Vis is definitely one of the top games this generation. It's a shame that you're missing out if you don't at least play this, but it's probably best to go in and purchase it at your local today.

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