Face Serums: What Are They & Why Do I Need One?
When it comes to skincare, you're likely familiar with the standard 3-step routine of cleansing, tone and moisturise isn't it? However, perhaps you've heard a lot of talk about serums for your face and have been left wondering what they are. What exactly are they? Do I really need one? The demand for facial serums has been growing steadily in recent years and they're quickly becoming an integral component of the routine beauty regimens of women around the world. That's right, there's a 4th element to your regular skin care routine you ought to seriously consider applying because it will bring beneficial effects for your skin. This is why... Firstly, what are face serums? The serums for your face are extremely concentrated formulas that are packed with nutrients, such as vitamins and botanical extracts, that are designed to deeply nourish serum trị mụn doctor care restore, hydrate and safeguard your skin. The majority of serums are oil or water-based. Aren't facial serums similar to moisturisers? Not really. Face serums differ from normal face lotions and creams in that they are made up of smaller molecules. This allows them to penetrate the skin more quickly and in greater depth than conventional moisturisers and making them more effective. In addition, the concentration of ingredients that are active in serums can be up to 70%, compared with concentrations between 5 and 10 percent in traditional moisturisers. So they can really make a difference! Benefits of facial serums: Because of their special and concentrated formulas and their capacity to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, serums help with: * Improved hydration of the skin * A reduction in the visible signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and age spots * A decrease in skin pigmentation and evening out skin tone * Preventing acne What should I do with a serum? While serums may be used alone without using a moisturiser that you regularly use but it is highly recommended that one of them be used in order to achieve optimal hydration benefits. This is especially true during the colder months of the year especially if you suffer from dry or mature skin. Serums are typically applied after cleansing and toning, and prior to moisturising. Because of their high amount of nutrients, only few drops are needed and it is recommended the serum be applied while the skin is still damp from the toner. This aids in the absorption of the serum. Simply apply with your fingers in a gentle patting motion. Follow immediately with your chosen organic moisturiser and the serum's outstanding absorption properties can also aid in the absorption of your moisturiser . This is a it's a double benefit! Which serum is right for me? As with other skin care products You can also find the perfect facial serum to match your particular skin type. Opt for a certified organic face serum so you can be certain that it's free of harmful or harmful ingredients. The whole idea behind serums for the face is speedy and deeply hydrating, so it is important to ensure that only the finest nourishment ingredients are used contained in the serum. If you have dry or mature skin, we recommend that you purchase an organic face serum with Hyaluronic Acid, which is known to hold in moisture (1000ml in water per one gram of Hyaluronic Acid! ). We also love serums for our face which contain Australian native extracts like Kakadu Plum which has one of the highest levels of bio-nutrients available Vitamin C in any of the fruits. And if you're looking to target those areas that may be a sign of age, then opt for an oil-based serum that contains ingredients that have antioxidant properties that include Vitamin E, Vitamin C and even Green Tea. These substances can aid in fighting free radicals, which accelerate the process of aging. They also can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and those pesky "crow's feet".  

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