Buisness Goes Digital
It is a well-known fact that states that all the great technological advancements were born out of necessity. In the 1980s the world witnessed a massive change in telecommunication that changed the way we live. It was public access to the internet, and specifically the birth of E-mail. Since then the technology has not looked back. It has been enhanced by the speed of a wild tiger running at the peak of his speed. Technology caught the eye and changed the lives of everybody from homeowners to big corporations. What if the companies were left uninspired? It was the right time for businesses to walk in the digital way. Nowadays, the majority of companies around the globe have been transformed or are trying to rebuild their operations as fully digital companies. These digital companies rely heavily on Internet and networking technology to centralize their data among different departments of their organizations and also to be connected to their customers, employees and suppliers electronically. To attain the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness, many of these digital firms are using information systems. Visit:- https://dailynationtoday.com/ In many of the technologically wealthy countries such as United Stated of America and United Kingdom, almost every major company uses information systems and networking technologies to provide 24/7 every day of the week service to their clients. These organisations include Banks, Superstores, insurance firms, and even real estate businesses etc etc . Information systems are a repository of information on all aspects of the business. They collect, process storage and distribution of information that in turn increase efficiency coordination, coordination, and most importantly, decision making in an business. Nowadays, information systems are so vital to organizations that how a business plans to achieve in the next five years is often dependent on the capabilities of its systems. be able of doing. Everything from market share to the cost and quality of products, from increasing employee's productivity to the customer's satisfaction depend on the performance of the information systems within an organization. Many large businesses use the data warehouse as a solution that can store large amounts of both historical and current data gathered from different systems of information that are deployed usually at operations level. Information systems utilize the data to analyze management and for the making of decisions, which eventually allow the management to increase efficiency production, sales and productivity of the products for them. Interne has not just affected the personal life of a person however, it has also brought major changes in the way businesses operate. It has led to a dramatic reduction in the expense of developing data, sharing, and storing it and has made it accessible to everyone. The user does not always need to plan to go for shopping. There is no need to travel far to find details about a product or service. All he needs to do is to connect to the internet to get everything at his doorstep.  

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