How to Blog If You Must
Blog posts are all over the web everyone is writing in the manner they believe blogging should be done. If you take a look at the articles mentioned there are many people talking about the same thing. A blog is affordable and quick to get started, you can have one installed in just 30 minutes. Purchase a domain name, add your blog. Blog about whatever interests you, and then monetize and advertise your blog. It's basically the same old story, nothing new. That's why a lot of people are having a hard time blogging. A lot of people just re-circulate information to try and post regularly on their blog and make money. Thus, those who are new online to attempt blogging and read these articles and decide to launch a blog but quickly abandon it when they realize it's more than they imagined. For more detail please visit:- Is blogging for you? Many of us got into blogging without having any real knowledge about the subject. I started without even knowing the meaning of a key word. In fact I didn't even create my blog myself. I was a writer who published my articles in a local newspaper and then one day a close friend of mine who is knowledgeable about earning online, phoned me and said he has created a blog for me to make my writing available online. This is what he said to me. I joined the internet, invested time in writing high-quality content , and then published it my blog, only to be disappointed when I wasn't getting visitors. Then my friend began to talk to the importance of keyword, website optimization and page indexing e.t.c. I was furious, but I'm aspired to earn money from home so I took time to read and practice how to blog through a different blog. There were still a lot of things wrong but it was better than the previous one. Anyway, I quickly realized that blogging full-time was not the right choice for me. It didn't align with my goals on the internet. It's too competitive, false information and way too much effort involved in searching for blog post ideas for frequent blog updates. I wanted to have a more organized system that would not always leave me in danger. My ultimate goal on the internet is to build lasting e-businesses that will eventually self-manage and generate a decent income each month, with minimal or no effort. Blogs aren't going to help me achieve that goal. God answered my prayer the day my sister registered me as an affiliate to Site Build It! 5-star affiliate program. There were so many resources provided including free ebooks. I downloaded all the ebooks and began with The Affiliate masters class. A 152 page ebook that introduced me to a lasting e-business building process called C-T-P-M Content Traffic, Pre-sell, and Pre-sell Monetization. It was fascinating, and for the first time, I had read something totally different. I later purchased SBI and began to learn more. Everything I learned was logical. How search engines function as they do How to write posts that are pre-selling readers, how to plan a site for profitability prior to launching it, and other such. SBI is an all in one tool for building websites. With all the information I was well-equipped. I understood why a lot of people failed with blogging and are still failing. Also, I realized blogging doesn't make sense for small-scale business ventures. If your aim is to establish a long-lasting business online then blogging isn't the best way to achieve this. You need to start your own content site based on something that you've been working on or a skill that you could target a particular group of people who will be willing to help you with your knowledge. Make sure you write informative and detailed posts on the subjects you cover on your niche not just highlights. Develop a deep connection with your readers. Only few have discovered the real way to build long-lasting online businesses and to succeed quickly. Blogging of course fit into areas that are news-related. But whatever the topic it is better taken care of and more rewarding when it's built as a theme-based content website. But what happens if you're looking to start a blog and want to make money from it What are the most effective actions to take to assure success? How to Blog for Profit I recommend you take the time to look more deeply into blogging and ask yourself whether blogging is something you would like to do. Check out the free eBook "Blogging in a Snapshot' it provides a comprehensive overview of blogging and dispels all the myths surrounding it. before forcing you to answer the most important question: Is blogging for me? The decision you make is vital so that if it's not your thing, that you don't waste time and money. Choose what your primary goals on the internet are. If you decide that blogging is something you like and you are interested, then Take your time to plan the goals you wish to accomplish by starting a blog. Whatever you plan to earn your money from should be planned just like any other business. If you started a company? You can choose to offer a service. If you want to market your product. If you're planning to render a service you make sure you're good at it. You should ensure there is a sufficient people interested in the product or service you wish to offer or service you plan to offer so that you can earn a decent profit. How do you make money by selling it? Which competitors are you competing against and what are their strategies? Are they doing well, and if yes what are they doing to achieve it? Are they too excessive? Can you defeat them? What's your edge? Will the business be profitable? What's the most appropriate company name? These and other aspects are the ones you'll need to consider before creating a local business. It's the same on the internet. What is your ultimate goal in starting a blog? What are you hoping to achieve? What would you write about? Is the topic interesting to you enough to be able to write about it on a regular basis? Will it be profitable? The question of whether a subject will be profitable or not will depend on the following factors: The amount of people who look for it each month. Does it have enough people to make you good money? The number of people already blogging about this topic. The more blogs that are already being written about the subject and the more difficult it is to be successful in it. If you're not able to come up with an approach unique to the topic , you will be able to draw readers to you. How broad is the topic? Are you able to find enough of a topic to allow a website to be built on it or will you run out of topics to write about in a few months? A topic shouldn't be either too narrow nor broad. How can the topic be commercialized? Determine how you would like to make profits from your blog, and then evaluate if one of the model that appeals to you can be profitable with the topic you've selected. If it isn't, and your main objective is to earn money with your blog then you will need to change your area. You'll get all these data by using a research tool and searching the search engines. If you're looking for reliable data you should invest in a quality keyword research tool. If you can't afford any you can try Google's free Google Keyword Research tool. The process of creating a website, whether it's a blog or a theme-based content website is hard work. It can take weeks or months for those who work at a part-time basis. However, the work very important at the beginning to avoid wasting your time and energy on a blog for months or even years only realizing that you're not able to efficiently monetize the subject, or it's too competitive , you're not going to be successful or it's not wide enough and you're forced to stray from your niche subjects. Karo Itoje is an online full-time infopreneur with interest in online home-based business. Her current offering is step by step article guides on blogging for novices with the intention of helping novice bloggers take the right decisions begin the process correctly and achieve success. See the article how to start a blog for a detailed information on all the steps involved in starting a successful blog including pictorial step by step tutorial on how to use some free tools for your keyword research and gather all the information you will need to decide whether or not a topic will be profitable and right for you.

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