The Things Movie Web Geeks Don’t Want You To Know
When I first began writing for media outlets four years ago, I had no idea how important the opinions of movie fans really were. I was stunned to find out that studios fly writers for free to speak with famous actors during sets. I was even more amazed at the "Open Bar" films industry events, however the biggest thing that surprised me was that web developers are surrounded by fans. When I got my first fan mail, four years ago, it was clear that publishing my work on the internet would be fun, challenging as well as a great way to build my resume. This was something I was determined to do well in. After writing for a few years I began to learn how to write. Readers of popular media outlets are privy to the wonderful things that writers can do. We get to meet people and we travel, and we are able to entertain you in the most enjoyable way we can. However, we are human and none of us are perfect....especially movie web geeks. We all share some flaws and odd things that we're not willing to admit. And you are likely to see people making excuses if they're pointed out to us. There are a few things that you may want to be aware of about us that we would all like to leave to the grave. 1. WE GET STARSTRUCK Many people seem to think that film journalists on the internet are very professional and never be able to lose it when interviewing anyone in the entertainment industry, however generally, we make a show of it when we are interviewed. Most of us who write are just ordinary movie geeks that were granted the opportunity to contribute content for an movie website. It is likely that ดูหนัง during an interview the most important thing that pops into the heads of web enthusiasts is if and how they can nonchalantly ask for a picture with the actor/actress afterward. In my personal experience, I've noticed that internet writers do not usually feel anxious over A-list actors. It's the cult/B-list actors that really make us uncomfortable. In all honesty, I've met several well-known actors However, when I ran into Greg Nicotero at a convention I was so frightened and was so red in the face. 2. We are PRESS WHORES Yes, we do like being able to see our names appear on top search engines. However, there are 3 things we'd all like seeing our names on movies: Posters, t.v. spots, or DVD cases. We'll do whatever it takes to create a blurb that will eventually lead people to watching the film. We could overly embellish reviews in hopes that it will be viewed. (We know that there are people who even lie about terrible films just to get a decent blurb.) We also know the best phrases that will make perfect blurbs. We're aware of movies being compared with other popular films. (For example if you see in a review "It's (FILL IN THE BLANK movie) meets (FILL IN THE BLANK movie)!" it's a pre-meditated blurb.) It's true, we could deny it, but we've every now and then done it one way or another. 3. WE Are TERRITORIAL A lot of us sometimes overlook the fact that we're just not a plethora of people in the world of business, and this is evident when you observe how insecure certain of us may become. We are just simply hardcore movie lovers with an extraordinary mental capacity to store endless amounts of trivial knowledge about movies that like to believe we are "film elitists." This usually comes out when writers from different sites come together for events or festivals. Of course, we usually have a lot of fun discussing the latest movie news. However, get a crowd of movie web nerds together for long enough and the conversation will soon be a war of brains. (Or "Who's the biggest virgin?" is what I like to refer to it as.) Once a conversation is friendly, it turns into a tense debate over obscure films and at some point, someone always gets into a snarky conversation with a colleague writer for not admiring a little known cult actor who is really just a glamorized extra in horror films. Because I am a woman I'm usually tested on my film knowledge every screening or event I go to. 4. We love the Comment Section While some of you are obsessed with writing comments, we are even more enthralled by reading comments. Following certain editorials or articles we'll use RSS feeds and keep refreshing the page to see if there's any new information. Truthfully, I've been stuck in dates or making out sessions, and have been thinking about what people write on the site. It doesn't matter whether the feedback is good or bad it's just that we want be able to see how many comments go up! It's an obsessive-compulsive practice that the majority of us share. 5. WE ARE INSANELY COMPETITIVE! If you write for major media outlets, you make friends with other writers from different websites as you write about the same events, festivals and set-visits. Most of the time, you only meet them when you're at work and it's a lot of fun when you do see them. Although, it's hard to admit it, but when we are working on the same event it is extremely competitive with one another. It's more like more of a race than it is actually a job. It's all about who is able to gain more photo opportunities or interviews, exclusives and more coverage! We may have fun at the after-party and enjoy catching up with one another, but believe me, when we're not among other writers, our teams will be racing to our hotels to upload photos and videos and then write our stories hoping that our articles will be the first thing you'll are able to see in the Google search engine (a.k.a. every website's best friend) in the event that we're covering.  

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