Let’s Give Thanks for the Rebels
Do you ever find yourself pouting at protestors angry at conspiracy theorists, wishing that they'd follow the rules, and stop turning their attention away from major issues, and be less disruptive? We're not talking about adversity vandalism however, those who adamantly promote contrary, and possibly contradictory views in opposition to the dominant view. At times I've found myself similarly frustrated, particularly when I've thought the protest was insignificant or ill-informed, but in the last few days I've come to be grateful to those who take the time to take a stand and be heard as well as those who invest their time and let their voices be heard, and who refuse to tow the 'party line'. We can agree with the views whether or not we agree, every opinions benefit from being challenged at times. Being asked to explain the reasoning behind decisions or to explain a conclusion helps to examine the reasoning and understand the thought processes. It could result in a revision, adjustment or modification to each perspective. Furthermore, on a wider scale, it's crucial to ensure that the government doesn't have the freedom to create any regulations or rules they wish to, unchallenged in the name of "it's for your personal good and it's beneficial for all'. We don't want to be "sheeples," humans in sheep's form, inquisitively asking, 'is it okay is it okay, can we do this, how do we go about it, is it permissible? We don't want to become cautious, and observing what others and even our neighbours are doing. For more detail please visit:- https://www.westoverlaw.com/ https://www.proautospa.com/ https://www.bargainbins.com/ https://www.pro-demo.ca/ https://www.trilakesgaragedoors.com/ What is your reaction when you find out that one of the major UK political party has asked that the government introduce legislation to ban a dissident viewpoint regarding social media! What is the reason they would do this given the numerous contradictory views and scientific papers arguing on both sides of most issues.What do they hope to have over the shaping of our views and actions? Without disagreement and non-compliance if people just follow the rules, obey what's been instructed to do and follow along with what they've been told to be doing, what would end up happening to our choices or free will? Will we please ourselves? Who will question the instructions from 'up there', inquire about who's earning, who the main influencers and beneficiaries are? Where are be the check-and-balances take place those who ask "why," "what's it for and what's it all about What's the deal? If the people in charge are given absolute compliance, and without resistance , they're effectively granted the right to be dictators and take whatever actions they'd like. They'll find it increasingly difficult to justify their decisions or question their decisions fight the big money-makers who have their own agendas, or think too much about the way they introduce their policies. In those circumstances, it may become easy, enticing, almost second-nature to believe that they're unstoppable, and there's no need to explain, validate or reconsider the actions they'd like to take. A healthy and thriving opposition is usually believed to be the best means to keep a moderate government, and a more democratic society and thus prevent dictatorships from coming into. In parliament, being questioned as well as having a free media and press that sometimes exposes and challenges government's policies, holding regular elections, having access to diverse groups , and the internet are all options to be in touch with occasionally controversial or dissenting views. Even if we tut in displeasure, it's vital to be supportive of the right of others to share their opinions and share the things they think.With our lives increasingly controlled by technology, Big Brother can easily monitor everything we do, our spending habits, opinions and even our movements. We're aware that information we post is readily accessible online , as it's not uncommon to see someone mention the health of their pet or a holiday on social media . algorithms cause relevant posts to show up immediately on screen. But, moving forward one must ask: Who would want for a world in which it's normal to spy on one's neighbours and then report their actions and where all we consume is ultimately monitored and controlled by the state. Social media started our desire to voluntarily surrender much details about us, about how we live our life, while allowing us to share huge quantities of personal information. But it's crucial to maintain an awareness of where the trends are heading. Give thanks to rebels, dissidents and alternative thinkers. They're willing to shout and no matter if we agree with their views or not, they help us retain some semblance of individuality, restraint and independent thinking in an increasingly closely monitored world. A monotonous, unsupervised image of life isn't inspiring. Let's hold onto the brighter shades, shapes, and textures which entice us, bring variety, and sometimes rock the boat in all our lives. Susan Leigh, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist and relationship counsellor, writer & media contributor offers help with relationship issues as well as confidence, assertiveness, stress management and confidence. She assists clients on an individual basis as well as couples. She also offers training for corporate clients and provides support. She's author of 3 books, 'Dealing With Stress, Managing its Impact 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday', and "Dealing With Death, Coping with pain'. They are all available sold on Amazon and with simple to understand sections, helpful tips and ideas to help you have a more positive outlook on your life.

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