They’re >***Keep conscious when you are presenting yourself to the souls of the universe. Be aware of the way your soul awareness increase… Make yourself clear, present, and appreciate your many acute skills and talents. You owe it to yourself to keep doing it every day! Make a new habit …

You can give yourself the attention that you require to take in.

Give yourself a present or present yourself with kindness: Your presence of mind is a wonderful state of clarity. This is the case as soon as you open your eyes and arise at daybreak- Hope you had a restful night and are now eager to bring your energy into the right direction!

With every day comes an exciting new sunrise.

New appearance comes in numerous forms, and in many presents and new beginnings.

Enjoy the benefits of conscious awareness, pay deliberate attention on your surroundings.

Live in deep appreciation.

Begin in eager anticipation and increase your abilities by contributing to the joys of life. These require you to allow and authorize the action.

The joy of the earth is why we are both alive…

Pay attention first to your 5 senses.

Bring your senses to life with everyday suncity motivation.

Enjoy the sounds of lighting. All around, you can hear sounds in music, melodies and harmoniesand even the sweet chirping of tiny birds that are in your vicinity..

Imbibe in the beauty of everything!

Drink under the moonlight or sunrays.

Take a few deep breathes of fresh, crispy, clean air by nightfall during daybreak, and throughout during the entire day!

Gravitate is a new one of your amazing life-enhancing senses..

Take in the relaxing scents. Relax in the fragrant scent of roses, gardenias or cactus flowers. Feel their relaxing scents flowing through with the light of the sun as you walk through the front door of the kitchen window, the front door,or balcony. Be aware of the universe that’s facing you!

Breathe in what’s natural to you- Fresh Air is free to youThe fact that no one is the sole owner of the air that we breathe, nor the elements that we observe.

These were freely given to us by the Most High Father-Abba.

With daylight comes the end of evening, and it’s a early morning with a misty, hazy appearance.

The day breaks and morning begins.. Dew in the early morning, the crisp breeze, the bright sun, all eagerly and eagerly are waiting to welcome you! They are extending an invitation for you to embrace them with the sweetness of smiling on your face.- ARE YOU READY TO BEGIN?

Appreciate your garden. Look at the shades and colors. Take a whiff of the invigorating scents of earthy aromas and scents. All soothing scents command your attention. They were always designed and created to relax your mind and soul while keeping your health in mind encouraging you to engage in the daily activities you are used to.

IT is oh so relaxing to be in the natural world! Nature isn’t apathetic to tell stories, admonish or resist receiving your graceful embrace of consistent appreciation.

All it takes is your morning beverage that is infused with the sweet, awakening or relaxing aroma of freshlybrewed, aromatic coffee or tea. It is a way of celebrating the amazing, exciting morning routine, once the drink is ready it’s time to start your day!

Take a moment to listen to the soft rolling, rumbling, drippy drops of dancing water. Clear, crystal-clear water heated, transforms into vapor and hot fluid escapes ready to be served!.

The water that was once a sludge has now been released as aromatic, scented, soothing droplets of your preferred imported coffee, or wonderfully rich, fragrant English Herbal, Specialty warm tea. Watch the process of dripping droplets of water that have transformed into a metamorphosis of clear fluid into a vibrant shade, or perhaps a slight tan shade. It is eagerly waiting to infuse the flavors and aromas you love. Your coveted breakfast beverage has been redeemed and is now ready to refresh and energize your energy…

Feel compassion and authorize self-understanding in order to get to the top of your ideas and desires. As the day begins, comes the end of the day. Before that comes the end of darkness and a new day dawning the way to an enlightened life that you can be proud of. Spend the time to recognize the beginning of a promise for the beginning of a new chapter..

Keep up the great work, it’s your courageous way of living that is helping make the world better for everyone and me as well as everyone else alive and doing well!

With that being said, I believe that courage,openly expressed, for the good of our friends, family and for society, collectively. This is what will bring us out of this mess we’ve created live our lives in ..

We display our intentions more OUR ACTIONS than by ANY OTHER THING that can ever be spoken or performed.

You say isn’t as important than the actions you take!

It takes courage to be you!

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read this article , and to look through small snippets of thoughts recycled into useful and purposeful life- assisting strategies…

I enjoy getting to learn from you and from others who share their knowledge constantly!

Freelance Writer of inspirational articles or Motivational Speaker and writer of trendy, catchy poetry- Advertising and much more! You pick the venue and I’ll write it for you! *******If you decide to share this article, I request you to leave the resource box intact and not to alter, add or REMOVE any of my writing . I will always include the author’s complete byline and link back to I can be reached via U.S. postage in Orlando, Florida.~ Writing is my genuine determination to share my writing with the world and share my knowledge, teach with, inspire or entertain my readers in an original, poetic, whimsical or instructive discipline. Thanks for reading this article.

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